Mutable Instruments Plaits 19/30 : vowel and speech synthesis part II

Published on Dec 2, 2018 DavidH

“this is like a Speak & Spell :)”

Happy Birthday!

Published on Nov 17, 2018 LESINDES

“Happy Birthday with wavetable module WALDORF NW-1.”

Plogue chipcrusher v2.0 : Retro-Digital Multi-FX

Published on Nov 13, 2018 Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc.

“Now available (free for registered users)
SPC Delay effect from forthcoming ‘chipsynth SFC’
UI Redesign from
NKS FX Support!

Downloads and more info:…”

“Nostalgic for vintage sound encodings, 80s



PFH #8

Pennies from Heaven, a collaboration between Control and Bánh Mì Verlag, is a new series focused on contemporary experimental culture with an emphasis on the liminal and the underrepresented.

Asha Sheshadri is a California-bred artist primarily concerned with memory construction and questions of translation. With a strong investment

MIDI Narrator – A DIY, MIDI-Controlled Vintage Speech Synthesizer

MIDI Narrator is a MIDI-controlled vintage speech synthesizer, available as a DIY project. … Read More MIDI Narrator – A DIY, MIDI-Controlled Vintage Speech Synthesizer

Rare Waves MIDI Narrator – Vintage Speech Synth DIY Kit

Published on Oct 4, 2018 EA78751

“MIDI Narrator is a fun MIDI-controlled vintage speech synthesizer. This DIY electronics kit from Rare Waves is for creative musicians, audio producers, and sound designers. It features the SP0256-AL2 speech synthesizer chip. These chips were used in 1980’s home computers and arcade games. This kit lets you play all of its sounds from a MIDI controller or

Prentke Romich Touch Talker TT-DB Assisted Learning PRC Teacher (Voice Synth)

Published on Jul 7, 2015 Amanda Alfaro

I spotted an auction for a Touch Talker TT-DB below. I was curious what it sounded like so I did a quick search on YouTube and found the above. It’s $299 on iTunes: LAMP Words For Life – Prentke Romich Company! The original hardware version below utilized Smoothtalker or DECTalk speech synthesis, and was built to interface with the Apple IIe, II+, and


Published on Aug 4, 2018 Polaxis

“Emy playing a phonetic file while displaying the text on a BA63 display.(thank to a MikroElektronika click board attached to Emy’s mikroBUS port)”

deltAdata : iAccept ( lofi hiphop samplr outdoor live jam, Stephen Hawking voice generator)

Published on Jul 9, 2018 deltAdata

iTunes: Samplr – Touch the Music – Marcos Alonso

“Lofi hiphop electronica ish samplr live jam performance with Stephen Hawking voice generator !

The text of the speech is from a french anonym letter send to a news paper, i translated it with the help of google translate and corrected what i found wrong, so maybe there still is some translation problems… i

SHARP COMPET CS6500 Japanese First Talking Calculator 1980 Speech Synth

via this auction

“this is very rare SHARP COMPET CS6500 japanese talking calculator
it was first Japanese talking calculator! 1980
it talking japanese language with electronic voice when push each buttons
and it also possible to playback your calculating process with voice
you can change voice pitch(speed) low,middle,high amazing!”