Wave Replacement Synthesis Part 2

Published on Feb 15, 2019 artoftravelogue

artoftravelogue Wave Replacement Synthesis videos

P.S. I spy STG and synthesizers.com modules.

[8] The Radiophonic One – STG Soundlabs | Matt Chadra

Published on Feb 13, 2019 ClavAnother

“Here is the final installment in my series on the new STG Soundlabs Radiophonic One synthesizer. This is a long form exploration of just some of the sonic capabilities of this amazing instrument.”

Radiophonic One videos by ClavAnother

[6] The Radiophonic One – STG Soundlabs | Matt Chadra

Published on Feb 11, 2019 ClavAnother

“A second STG Soundlabs Radiophonic One made it’s way to my studio and I got to hear a pair of the new .VCO modules.”

Radiophonic One demos by ClavAnother

The Radiophonic One DEMO 5 STG Soundlabs | Matt Chadra

Published on Feb 10, 2019 ClavAnother

“Here we have the Radiophonic One synthesizer made by STG Soundlabs doing some envelope filter sweeps.”

ClavAnother Radiophonic One demos

STG’s Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer w/ New Volume Potentiometers for Sale

Published on Feb 7, 2019 suitandtieguy

via this auction

“A TR-808 in perfect working condition, with brand new volume potentiometers from Syntaur and all other pots cleaned and lubricated.

It’s been my friend for 11 years but I need to sell it to fund the development of new products for the next stage of my life. Maybe it can be your friend now?”

DEMO 2 – STG Soundlabs: The Radiophonic One | Matt Chadra

Published on Feb 6, 2019 ClavAnother

“This second look at the Radiophonic One synthesizer made by STG Soundlabs is more focused on a minimalist view and plays around with the fabulous Sea Devils Filter in self-oscillation mode, the new .VCO module as an LFO, and features the Envelope Generator for some blippy rhythms.

My initial intention was to do something more melodic, but I quickly got

By the time I got to Phoenix, I had a VCO.

Some background on STG’s new .VCO via the STG SoundLabs Electronic Newsletter:

[Here’s a crop from a great photo of the Radiophonic One system prototype in a cactus garden at Joshua Tree National Park. (Jill Gautreaux)]

“Finally … I have a VCO.

So I sit here in a hotel room in Phoenix, waiting to hear from Southwest about my videographer’s cancelled flight back to Chicago. It was

STG Sound Labs – Suit and Tie Guy | NAMM 2019

Published on Jan 31, 2019 Under the Big Tree

“Welcome to 25 minutes of Bubba. He is hilarious, entertaining, energetic…and happens to know an awful lot about modular.

Bubba does a deep dive on the STG (Suit and Tie Guy) Sound Labs line of Eurorack modules. He shows us their newest products, including some still in the prototype stage. And he throws down the gauntlet to our viewers: which

STG Soundlabs Intros Boatrocker, Radiophonic 1 Synthesizer & More

Published on Jan 30, 2019 Synthtopia

“At the 2019 NAMM Show, we talked with Suit & Tie Guy of STG Soundlabs, who gave us a quick update on his new Boatrocker power system, Radiophonic 1 all-in-one Eurorack synthesizer and more.”

NAMM 2019 part 5 – STG Soundlabs, Elektron, Viscount, Black Corporation

Published on Jan 27, 2019 SynthMania

STG Soundlabs: BoatRocker powered enclosure, Radiophonic 1 Eurorack system, .VCO oscillator, .SLC waveslicer
Elektron: Model:Samples groovebox
Viscount organ performance
Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream, Xerxes, Kijimi