Studio Electronics MidiMini Rack Minimoog SN 1561


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“These early ones like this, as I understand it, were actually original Mini Moogs that SE racked up and added midi to. Later models were their own creation, but these early ones were an actual MiniMoog in there and this one sounds like it. Works great and is super musical.”

Note the video above is from Kick.S in 2009 and in the listing

SE Boomstar 3003 synthesizer demo (no talking, no effects)

Single Use

“There aren’t a lot of bare bones tweaking demos of the Boomstar 3003 monosynth by Studio Electronics so figured I would post one. No effects or compression applied. Mostly using saw but some square in there too. The synthesizer has decent range though I would definitely say it leans towards rambunctiousness over precision. The filter being low pass and raw means it tends towards


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Blue Panel Studio Electronics ATC-1X Quad Filter Analog Synth

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“Very rare, Studio Electronics ATC-1X Analogue Synth, all filters internally fitted, Moog, Oberheim, Roland TB303, ARP, boxed.”

Studio Electronics Boomstar 5089 Mk2 Desktop Analogue Synth (Moog filter)

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“This is the mk2 model with better distortion characteristics than the original and the all important real wood cheeks.

It’s the 5089 version with the Moog ladder filter.

Comes with original power supply, box, manual and sticker”

Studio Electronics Obie Rack rare rack mount synth Oberheim SEMs x2 with MIDI

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“Studio Electronics Obie Rack rare rack mount Oberheim SEMs x2 with MIDI

insanely rare, and very very good.

These are original Oberheim SEM synths that SE rack mounted in the 1980s.
They then added MIDI and some other features.

In superb condition and working.”

Instagram Songs – Covers Collection by GATTOBUS


“During the last year I shot a lot of short video clips on my Instagram page, each of them is about a minute (or less) long. Instead of uploading them here on YouTube one by one, I decided to put them all together in a single video compilation. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Here they are!

– 0:03 Take on me – A-Ha – Original:
– 0:26 The Veldt – Deadmau5 –

Studio Electronics Omega 8 SN 1138

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“Great Condition, just updated hardware and all voices callibrated. 8 voices with SEM and Mini Filters, Voices 5-6 have SE 303 Filters”