NAMM Leaks: The Synclavier is Coming to the iPad w/ Physical Knob Controller

Spotted this one on Synthtopia

“Synclavier Go! (for iPad) and Synclavier Pocket! (for iPhone and iPod Touch) re-create the original Synclavier II FM Synthesis engine, with a touch-screen interface inspired by the original hardware. The Synclavier DSP Engine – used by Arturia in its Synclavier V product line – is a faithful recreation of the FM- and Additive-Synthesis functions of the original

New toy November 2018

Published on Nov 15, 2018 SynthMania

“I’ve wanted a NED Synclavier for years and really wanted to get one by my 50th b-day. Finally recently got a Synclavier (PSMT, the mainframe is out of picture) with seven months to spare 🙂 Now I’m lucky to own *the* three classic high-end digital keyboards of the ’80s: the Fairlight, the K250, and the Synclavier.”

Interesting that the audio outs on

Synclavier II FM Harmonics + Eventide H3000 Crystal Echo’s

Published on Nov 10, 2018 100 Things I Do

“I wanted to try adding and subtracting harmonics in real time on the Synclavier II. I do this normally on the V as the limitations of processing power in my original Syncalvier II with its B processor stops it from working as smooth in real time. So, the trick here is to know where the limitations are and try and avoid them (big value jumps being the

Synclavier V V2 – Resynthesis and Patch Creation

Published on Oct 27, 2018 100 Things I Do

“One of the things I am interested in adding to my hardware Synclavier is the Mono sampling option.

This and a processor upgrade will allow me to do sound resynthesis and Timbre frames. I started to look into this at the start of the year but as I was planning my trip to Europe it just was not possible at the time. Just over a month ago Arturia

New England Digital (NED) Synclavier System SN 001940

via this auction

“This is a clean, but non-working Synclavier system from around 1983 being sold “AS IS” A band used this on a recording in a studio some time around 1993, and after they were done, traded it to the studio to pay off the session costs. It stayed in the studio and was used once more that year, before being stored. It was powered up successfully around 1997, but not knowing

New England Digital Synclavier PSMT Synthesizer Keyboard Polyphonic Workstation

via this auction

“This listing is for a rare & vintage Synclavier PSMT Synthesizer keyboard workstation. The workstation includes everything photographed. There are multiple different units and 7 tubs full of different cords. All of the items photographed were kept together, so I assumed it all belongs to this unit, but I am not 100% sure.

***This unit is being sold untested in as is condition

THE LOST TIMBRE – Syncalvier II Release G

Published on Jul 15, 2018 100 Things I Do

“I thought I would do another sound exploration and Timbre clip for the Synclaver.

The tile of the clip comes from dialling in a really nice patch only through my own loose thinking forgetting to ensure I had a writable floppy in the drive to start with! Oh well, live and learn! For some reason my Synclavier gets a bit grumpy when It wants to write to

Top 5 Digital Synths According to Synth & Sundry

Published on May 19, 2018 Synth & Sundry

“Digital synth ranking based on sound, design, features and my own experience with the synths where applicable. The backing music is made with the #1 synth. Are any of these digital synths in your top 5? Which ones would you pick?”

Synclavier II – Timbre Disk 7

Published on Jan 27, 2018 100 Things I Do

“I have had a lot of comments, emails, tweets etc… from people asking me to continue visiting the Synclavier and showing more of this synth. Today I thought we would have a look at one of the Timbre disks (preset disks) that came with the synth. I picked this disk at random so as I’m playing I have no idea what sound is coming next!

Also in here


Published on Dec 16, 2017 100 Things I Do

“The final in the series on the Synclavier II. Thanks to a few requests this week we take a look inside the flight cased CPU,. I play a track on the Synclavier I’m working and show the restoration of keyboard’s timber frame following the same hand rubbed method as originally done by New England Digital with the synth was new!

While the Synclavier will