Strange Patching: Phasing Simulation with QPAS

Published on Apr 17, 2019 MAKEN0ISE

MAKEN0ISE Strange Patching

“In the section of his book that covers Phasing, Allen Strange uses a series of band pass filters to illustrate the concept. As he writes,

“A spectrally rich signal is taken, in parallel, to three or more band pass filters. The filter outputs, the three pass bands, are mixed at unity gain with the original unprocessed spectrum.

1961 Electronics Magazine Build a Transistorized Theremin by Robert Moog

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“1961 Electronics Magazine
Build a Transistorized Theremin
by Robert Moog
This auction is for a magazine. There is NO hardware for sale.

Increasingly hard to find, this half-century-old issue of Electronics World contains a fascinating how-to on building that special effects staple of scores of classic sci-fi flicks, the theremin, by none other than electronic music pioneer

Korg Volca Keys patches and sounds – Korg Volca Keys Expert Guide update

Published on Mar 15, 2019 Tony Horgan

“I’ve added a new ‘Patches and sounds’ chapter to my ebook Korg Volca Keys The Expert Guide. The Google Play Books edition for Android and PC now has patch sheets, and and the iPhone, iPad and Mac edition has patch sheets and interactive audio. Android/PC edition here, iOS/Mac edition here”

Welsh Synthesizer Labs Synth Demos

Published on Feb 5, 2019 Welsh Synthesizer Labs

Welsh’s synth programming book is available on Amazon here.

Playlist at the time of this post:

1. Yamaha CS15D Analog Synthesizer (1979)
The Yamaha CS15D is a monophonic analog synth from 1979. It has two single-VCO preset sections which can be mixed together, making it capable of producing thick sounds.
2. MOOG MINIMOOG MODEL D multi samples

MacBeth M5/M5N Owner’s Manual & Patch Book by John Reisenman

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“An owner’s manual/patch book was never made for the MacBeth M5 or M5N. Because Ken MacBeth was inspired by the ARP 2600, this owner’s manual/patch book begins with an 18-page side by side comparison with color photos and diagrams of the M5 and the ARP. Every socket, slider, rotary dial and switch of the M5 are explained in detail with pictures and text. Page 20 provides a list

Moog Memorymoog Vintage Analog Synth Manual for $400

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“Complete owners and service manual, all original for the best synth ever made the Memorymoog

This thing has an awesome perspective grid pattern printed on its thick poly cover.

All pages in great shape

Has schematics, blank patch sheets and everything, unmarked complete and clean.

Stop living an incomplete life. If you own a Memorymoog complete it with this, thats how God

The OP-1 Notebook

Published on Jan 1, 2019 BlueSkyRepublik

“The OP-1 Notebook – For more information check out”

“Its a Reference Book! A Guidebook! A Notebook. Covering all things OP-1, this book is everything you need as a reference to the Teenage Engineering Operator-1 Synthesizer. Step by step walkthroughs help newbie’s and advanced user alike get to know how to use the OP-1 to

The "Drum Machine Rhythm Dictionary" by Sandy Feldstein & Roland The Synthesizer Synth Books

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I believe this is the first post to mention the “Drum Machine Rhythm Dictionary” by Sandy Feldstein. Sandy also wrote this TR-606 book.

Accordign to the listing: :The ‘Drum Machine Rhythm Dictionary’ by Sandy Feldstein 1988, is a programming guide for many different styles of music including rock, jazz and latin. It includes the styles of the great drummers at the time like

Electronic Music Circuit Guidebook

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Hardback cover. You can find others in the archives.

“223 pages! Excellent condition hardcover book without dust jacket. Some damage from label removed on spine (not a library book). Photograph is actual book you will receive, not a stock photo of a nicer copy.

In depth and highly detailed technical guidebook explaining analog synthesizer building blocks and the design