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“Original QUASIMIDI SIRIUS metal housing sold as-is for parts/spares/projects. This is an early brown and orange painted version. A very rare opportunity!!”

EMS Rehberg Analyse-Filterbank B1-II pair with matched serial numbers

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Another one in via M Me. I believe these are the first to be featured on the site. Anyone know when they were produced? I’m not finding them on the EMS Rehberg site.

“EMS Rehberg Analyse-Filterbank B1-II pair (2) available for sale! These units are ultra rare and it’s probably the only chance to find two with matched serial numbers. Both units are just been serviced and in

Synth Quest Episode 7 | Korg MS-20

Published on Jul 9, 2019 madFame

If you were ever curious what the original MS-20 with KORG35 filter looked like on the inside vs. the later rev, this video will show you, with much more.

“In this episode of Synth Quest we take a look at the legendary Korg MS-20. This video is the most in-depth, high-quality demo of the Korg MS-20 on the internet, I hope you enjoy it!

Synth Quest gives you a

Polymoog SN 3206 Synthesizer Parts

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“Moog polymoog synth front and rear panels for sale. Great opportunity for a polymoog restoration or too have a lot of original moog parts.”

Arturia Micro Freak Rechargeable Battery Powered Synthesizer Mod

Published on Jul 3, 2019 markusfuller

“I built a rechargeable battery pack into the Arturia Micro Freak just to see if there was enough space. though I would not recommend anyone doing this themselves as you can just plug a 5 volt battery into the usb port anyway.”

Inside an Arturia Micro Freak.

Yamaha DX7 FM Synthesizer w/ ROM Cartridge

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Pics of the inside below.

“Yamaha DX7 FM Synthesizer (Original Metal Body Version)

Battery Has Been Replaced With a Coin Style Battery Holder Containing A Fresh CR2032”

ARP Avatar

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Pic of the inside below.

“This is a beautiful example of of a rare synthesizer! Originally designed to be controlled from your guitar (pick up is NOT included but the connector cable is) it can also easily be controlled from CV/Gate. It is essentially an Odyssey…just BIGGER! It is monophonic. The only thing that hasn’t been tested is the pitch tracking ability with a guitar

Inside a 1974 Minimoog SN 5053 & How to emulate Robin S "Show Me Love" drum pattern

Published on Jun 22, 2019 SynthMania

Video starts with SynthMania showing us one of the boards of a vintage 1974 Minimoog, some notes written on the inside, likely from the QC and/or builders at Moog at the time. The video then transitions to how to make drum patterns on a Korg M1. 🙂