Hohner Automatic Rhythm Player / Drum Machine (Early 70’s, Germany) SN 773991

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“Hohner Automatic Rhythm Player / Drum Machine. Made in Germany. Early 70’s.”


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“Extremely rare – TWO very similar looking BBC audio frequency generators.


Some valves including ECC81’s;

Several transformers;

BBC Audio meters;

Huge knobs;

Unit one numbered: TS/10P/510

Unit two numbered: OS3/1/1

1950s or early 1960s manufacture.

One has cover missing.”

Pics of the inside below.

1978 Roland SH-2 with Original Box

Station 2Station

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“This is a very clean Roland SH-2 analog synthesizer circa 1978. It includes the original box.

This is the asian market 100v version which I use with a converter but that is not required. In the demonstration video in the gallery I was running the synth plugged straight into the wall in the US. I’m not going to give technical recommendations on whether our

Oberheim OB-X Vintage Analog Polysynth w/Kenton MIDI SN 800412

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“Early 80’s Oberheim OB-X vintage analog polysynth in near mint condition. It is one of the cleanest OB-X’s on the planet and the cleanest one I’ve had the privilege of owning over the past 25 years of collecting synths. Many years of painstaking work and detail have gone into this synth to get it into the condition you see here. This was originally a 4-voice synth, but 2 more

Korg Kaossilator SN 012713 Minus Faceplate Sticker

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“Old and heavily used (sampled) original kaossilator. Bought new 10ish years ago?? Missing faceplate. Cool sticker on back. FULL DISCLOSURE: some patches don’t act how they should. Some weirdness going on, but it’s pretty cool imo. Great for some unique noise stuff to sample or whatever. But it definitely turns on and makes sound!!”

Interesting to see how the buttons were

Korg VC10

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Pics of the inside below.

– All electrolyte and tantalic capacitors are replaced by HQ capacitors.
– All pots, jacks, switches have been serviced.
– The keyboard contacts have been serviced.
– Calibration.

Sequential Circuits Six-trak Analog Synthesizer SN 0030027

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Pics of the inside below.

“Just serviced (6/28/20) with new battery, re-caps, cleaned pots, reloaded factory sounds.

Fully functional! Very good cosmetic shape with minor marks/scratches.”

Korg Trident MKII 1982 Serviced

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Pics of the inside below.

“This Korg Trident MKII has been completely refurbished by a technician with the original battery repaired, and all main board electrolytic capacitors replaced. All knobs, buttons, and keys are working perfectly and all voices are tuned and calibrated.

This is one of the classic 2-oscillator golden age analog synthesizers that there is no comparison

Korg SQ10 Sequencer SN 153442

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– All electrolyte and tantalum capacitors are replaced (a must on Korg instruments from this era).
– All jacks, pots, switches were cleaned.
– Calibrated.
– In-/outside cleaned.

Pic of the inside below.