SYNTH BIKE 2.0 is still alive… sort of.. The synthesizer on a bike

Published on Jun 20, 2019 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

“the synth bike 2.0 #Synthesizer #Bike. finally got it working again after 2 months but sadly its seen better days, im going to design it as a pcb project because its actually a pretty good machine to jam on.

More info on the Crazy PEOPEO boombox :-


The Volvo 850 samplepack will be about next week!

The Very First Synth Cartoon?

This one is in via Brian Kehew who had the following to say:

“I believe this may be the very first ‘synthesizer cartoon’ from an in-house RCA publication in 1956 (The RCA MkI synthesizer was completed then.)”

If you know of anything earlier, let us know!

P.S. I first thought that was one messed up Santa going after the floating kid with a sword, but it appears he is holding, and offering, a

Over 1000 Vintage Synthesizers all in one room, I felt like a kid in a candy shop.

Published on Jun 2, 2019 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

“#synthesizer? well… 1000 Vintage #synths and 5000 Other pieces of vintage recording equipment, all in one room was a sight to behold. I was lucky enough to get to play some classics like the memorymoog and the ELKA synthex. It was overwhelming to say the least.

Information can be found here :-


There is a large amount of

Guy Gets High Working on Legendary Buchla Covered in LSD

This one is in via Brian Comnes. The legend of the CSU Hayward acid/LSD soaked vintage Buchla 100 is true. Apparently it was dipped in LSD back in the 60s. It wasn’t clear, however, if all panels or just the red one was dipped. You can find some additional pics of the infamous CSU Hayward Buchla 100 here. BTW, this was likely some Owsley Stanley LSD.

Left image via Tod Barton: “I love that

Synth Wars

Published on May 2, 2019 Learson Peak

“No synths were harmed in the making of this video

Synth Wars – A Star Wars Parody
Music Arranged by Stephen Learson
& Written by John Williams

Act 1 – Main Title
Act 2 – Cantina Band
Act 3 – The Princess Appears (The Force Theme)

Synths, drums and R2D2 sounds Performed by Stephen Learson
Richard Lynch – Bass

Gear used in this recording:

ARP Odyssey (

Roland SH2000 Vintage Analogue Synthesizer

via this auction

Remember to wear a shirt when you take your pics.

GIY Deckard’s Dream Expander Assembly and Instructions

Published on Apr 19, 2019 Todd Murray

“Anyone can build the Deckard’s Dream Expander. This kit requires no technical knowledge or special tools. If you can grow dandelions, you can make one of these. GIY. Grow it Yourself. Use only Organic Synthesizers.”

Kreisferkeer Flaake – Eshae Laüch Session

Published on Apr 11, 2019 quadratschulz

“Where were you last weekend (2019)?”

John Cage – 4’33” on Moog Sub 37

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Luca Di Gennaro

“Split screen cover of 4’33” by John Cage just with a Moog Sub 37!

Keyboard: Moog Sub 37″

And the maestro himself:

John Cage performs “4:33”

Published on Dec 2, 2008 Eugène Zassadko

And an image of John Case with a Roland System 700 modular system via momento by diptyque paris

“John Cage (1912-1992) en 1978 (photo©Corinto Marianelli)”

KORG Introduces the volcassette

Hit the play button above for the video via KORG. No joke!

“The next volca is here; straight out of the decade of decadence! Introducing the volcassette Cassette Player and Multi-track Recorder. It combines the very best of portable cassette players with super-intuitive four-track true-analog recording capabilities.

Capture the moment when inspiration strikes!”


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