Social Distancing?

A little synth meme, synth humor in via Thesis Audio. The cat’s face expression makes it. Just look at it.


Published on Jan 2, 2020 Luke Killen

“2020 pop!”

Added the synth memes label to these to make them easier to find later.

Cowboy and the Vocoder by Redmartian

The track is now available here:

“The song was recording using the MMM for bass and vocoder carrier. The lead is a jupiter-6 and the drums were done using a Sequential DrumTraks. The lead and vocoder (Roland SVC-350) parts were played manually along with the bass/drums which were sequenced using midi via Logic.”

Some of you might remember Cowboy and the

ARP Odyssey – spiral sequence 2

Published on Jul 19, 2013 Bruno Ender Lee·120 videos

“composed, arranged & performed by Bruno Ender Lee, studio-recording July 19. 2013 (no video, just pictures & sound)

every sound was made with the ARP Odyssey, recorded on 4 stereo-tracks (plus: Doepfer MAQ 16/3-sequencer, stereo-panning delays & chorus)

2013 Velvet Voyage Productions / all rights reserved”

Again, seal sounds, mentioned


Vince Clarke demonstrates Synth Gurning

Published on Jul 17, 2013 erasureinfo·63 videos

“Erasure’s Vince Clarke demonstrates the art of ‘Synth Gurning’ as part of his introduction to The First International Synth Gurning Competition which is currently running on his website here…”

And a new Synthe Meme is born. I do think the seals have him beat, and the sea, definitely the sea.


8-Bit Friday – thanks Rebecca Black

YouTube Uploaded by armanbohn on Mar 18, 2011″8 – Bit Friday Rebecca Black Realization.Yeah … it’s Friday so I thought I would post this up for today.”I checked in with armanbohn to find out what he used for this. “I used a VST called chipsounds. Sounds great and has a bunch of old school consoles on board. I also used a Toad and Dr-SID VSTs for the percussion.”chipsounds on kvr, & Toad & Dr.