Q106 w/ New T-Shirt

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Modular Dungeon Techno

Published on Feb 23, 2019 Hexinverter Électronique

“T-t-t-t-techno! Just another dungeon jam.

Jupiter storm through the WMD aperture filter (which is awesome btw). Mutant bass drum through Red Dragon filter. MI Elements. And I put the Eventide Space Reverb on the Mutant Hot Glue send and return. I hadn’t thought of using external pedals in the modular signal chain like this but it works great.

Metasonix "Because Your Music Sucks" T-Shirt

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“One (1) used basic T-shirt from Metasonix…these are rare. In good condition, worn but not worn out, collar not frayed. Here’s a chance for a real collector’s item, be the envy of all your electronic friends.”

Original BEMI Buchla Music Easel T-Shirt

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“Rare Buchla [BEMI] branded T Shirt. Size L In good shape, worn but not worn out. Collar not frayed. No rips or tears. These shipped exclusively with the first BEMI Easels (not available in stores) and then there were no more. Impress your synthesizer friends!!”

Bob Moog Foundation – Moogtastic Synth Portrait of Bob Moog – New Years Card

Pictured is the art on a New Years card sent my way via The Bob Moog Foundation. Click on it to see the synths. 🙂 P.S. The card is actually a bright white. Apologies for the poor lighting; my room isn’t the brightest at the moment. You can find better pics over on the Bob Moog Foundation’s site here.

The art is the Moogtastic mosaic featured on a T-Shirt and poster available at The Bob

Bob Moog Foundation Squarewave to Heaven Synth T-Shirt by David Lovelace, Posters, & Interviews

Soon to be a classic, this t-shirt was conceptualized and designed by our graphics guru David Lovelace. It has been so popular in Germany that we listed it on as well. Check it out here.

“Inspired by Bob Moog? So are we! The Bob Moog Foundation strives to ignite creativity in children and adults through the intersection of science, music, and technology. Your support helps our ongoing

Boss DR-110 analog drum machine (1983): unboxing, tutorial, review and TR-808 bass drum mod.

Published on Nov 26, 2018 2kB of Fun

“Boss made a couple of budget analog drum machines. After the first, the DR-55, they came with the Dr. Rhythm Graphic in 1983.

In this video the DR-110 gets unboxed, you will see how to operate it, and it wil be modified to make the analog bass drum a longer bass drum, to mimic the sound of the Roland TR-808.

The iMac G4 in the back captures the sound from

DX5 playing Joe Crow "Compulsion" (Martin Gore vers.)

Published on Oct 10, 2018 DX5

“This is a cover of ‘Compulsion’ (Martin Gore version) as included in Gore’s ‘Counterfeit EP’. The song was originally composed by Joe Crow (ex Prefects/Nightingales).
Gear used:
Roland MRS-2 Promars
Emu Emax II
Yamaha DX7 II FD
Roland D-10
Backtrack recorded on Pro Tools.
Composed by Joe Crow. Arrangements by Martin Gore.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara.” Q106A Black-on-Metal and Heather Red Oscillator Shirt


“The Q106A Oscillator combines the features of the popular Q106 oscillator along with the Q141 Aid module. This special dual-wide module has black ink on a metal panel. See the Q106A page for details about this module.

The TShirt features an outline of the Q106A Oscillator on a quality heavy cotton shirt. Color is Heather Red.

Limited quantities available.”