MajorOSC Unlimited Series – Synth101 Episode 1: Envelopes

Major OSC


MajorOSC in now on Patreon! MajorOSC Unlimited gives you exclusive access to 1 hour+ weekly in-depth tutorials, multiple quick tips videos, free weekly presets for major hardware synths and vst’s, and free custom samples! How does 1$ a week sound?”

Korg DVP-1 Vocoder 1985 | Be Darth Vader!

Espen Kraft

Korg DVP-1 on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

“A somewhat forgotten piece of gear, the Korg DVP-1 is far from perfect, but it can still make some beautiful vocoding sounds. And then some!”

Isla Instruments Live Stream – S2400 Overview

Isla Instruments

Overlooked Module #7: Erica Fusion (Tube) Ring Modulator

poorness studios

“It’s been a while since I did an episode of Overlooked Modules. This time, I take a closer look at the Erica Fusion Ring Modulator. This tube module is capable of simple ring mod tones or complete sonic insanity. It’s definitely a cool module and one that probably doesn’t get the credit it deserves.”

Overlooked Module posts by poorness studios

Touch Macro Micro Sequencing


“Plenty of modern music tools have more than one so-called sequencer, and so we can easily use one sequencer to arbitrarily sequence another sequencer. Sequence sequencing!!”

New ARTURIA POLYBRUTE Videos & Details

PolyBrute | Morphing Analog PolySynth | ARTURIA


“#PolyBrute is more than a #synthesizer – it’s a 6-voice analog powerhouse, with unprecedented expressivity and sound #morphing capabilities, built to let you perform fearlessly, compose with fluidity, and explore sound in perpetual motion.”

ARTURIA POLYBRUTE — the BEST Arturia synthesizer yet!


“Arturia Polybrute is finally here

0-CTRL Patch of the Week #8: Touch Ratcheting


Squeeze Audio Compressor by Feedback [USER REVIEW + Demo] DIY SMD Eurorack

Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2020

G-Storm Electro on Reverb

“User review of the DIY Squeeze Audio Compressor by Feedback electronics.
I’ll demo some sounds, give some audio compression tips,
and make a Future Sound of London Big Breakbeat patch.
You don’t want to miss that one!
Give some thoughts about building the DIY version.
And conclude with

Arturia Synthi V Demo and Tutorial (Part 2, Advanced Features)

CatSynth TV

“In Part 2 of our detailed looking at the Arturia Synthi V, we explore the legacy sequencer as well as the advanced features that Arturia has added to the instrument.

If you have not yet seen Part 1, we recommend that you check that out first. [posted here]

00:24 The Sequencer (from the EMS Synthi AKS sequencer)
01:40 The advanced editing page
08:24 Factory preset demos”

Patch of the Week 75: Boot Up! SEGA Master System Theme


“Get your retro gaming on with the SEGA system boot-up sound using MS-20 mini and NTS-1.”

Korg Patch of the Week posts

And the original:

Sega Master System (Western Countries) Startup