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PolyBrute | Morphing Analog PolySynth | ARTURIA


“#PolyBrute is more than a #synthesizer – it’s a 6-voice analog powerhouse, with unprecedented expressivity and sound #morphing capabilities, built to let you perform fearlessly, compose with fluidity, and explore sound in perpetual motion.”

ARTURIA POLYBRUTE — the BEST Arturia synthesizer yet!


“Arturia Polybrute is finally here

0-CTRL Patch of the Week #8: Touch Ratcheting


Squeeze Audio Compressor by Feedback [USER REVIEW + Demo] DIY SMD Eurorack

Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2020

G-Storm Electro on Reverb

“User review of the DIY Squeeze Audio Compressor by Feedback electronics.
I’ll demo some sounds, give some audio compression tips,
and make a Future Sound of London Big Breakbeat patch.
You don’t want to miss that one!
Give some thoughts about building the DIY version.
And conclude with

Arturia Synthi V Demo and Tutorial (Part 2, Advanced Features)

CatSynth TV

“In Part 2 of our detailed looking at the Arturia Synthi V, we explore the legacy sequencer as well as the advanced features that Arturia has added to the instrument.

If you have not yet seen Part 1, we recommend that you check that out first. [posted here]

00:24 The Sequencer (from the EMS Synthi AKS sequencer)
01:40 The advanced editing page
08:24 Factory preset demos”

Patch of the Week 75: Boot Up! SEGA Master System Theme


“Get your retro gaming on with the SEGA system boot-up sound using MS-20 mini and NTS-1.”

Korg Patch of the Week posts

And the original:

Sega Master System (Western Countries) Startup

New MAKEN0ISE Synthesizer for 2-C0ASTS – Office Hours LIVE Thursday, September 10th


SL MKIII – Making the most of Components to master your hardware // Novation Live


“In this session -CALC- takes an indepth look at how to get the best from your SL MKIII with the powerful Novation Components software. We’ll take a look at creating your own custom mappings for your favourite synths alongside organising and managing your sessions and templates.

— Learn more about SL MkIII:…”

5 Ways Of Adding Structure To Your Patches In VCV Rack

00:00 – Using dedicated sequencers
04:44 – Using macro controllers
13:30 – Multi-Track recording inside of VCV Rack
15:56 – Using utilities
21:48 – Using a Midi controller

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

GSE GYRINX VCF Filter Overview [Demo #2] (Synton Syrinx)


G-Storm Electro on Reverb

“My GYRINX VCF eurorack module is a topology of the mythical Synton Syrinx formant filter using AS3350 Alfa re-issue chips.

In this video I describe the features, demonstrate various kinds of audio input, and describe how to make a few patches.

0:00 Cold Open Sounds
0:33 Introduction
1:08 Front Panel

0-CTRL Patch of the Week #7: One Shot and Knight-Rider Sequences


“If we patch one step gate output to Stop, and let the clock run, we can create one-shot sequences of any length by touching various step touchplates. This is a simple patch, but it creates an interesting playable surface, especially if you interrupt these sequences and/or change their direction at will.”

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