Max for Live Ultimate Zen Guide by Julien Bayle

“Become a Max for Live Master and discover a new way of using Ableton Live

mastering all Max for Live concepts
understand and use the Live Object Model
create your own instruments and sound generators
create your own MIDI and audio FX
create your own custom interface with control & feedback
use javascript to handle Live API”

You can find it here.

Audio Damage Eurorack Demos by James Cigler

ADM01 – Audio Damage Dub Jr. Delay
Published on Nov 17, 2013 jamescigler·21 videos

“A brief demo of the Audio Damage ADM01 – Dub Jr. Delay.”

ADM02 – Audio Damage GrainShift
Published on Nov 18, 2013

“A brief demo of the Audio Damage ADM02 – GrainShift module”

ADM03 – Audio Damage ErrorBox bitmangler
Published on Nov 18, 2013

“A brief demo of the Audio Damage ADM03 – ErrorBox Bitmangler”

Galilean Moons: DEMO3: Jupiter Storm Expanded with Galilean Moons

Published on Nov 16, 2013 hexinverterDOTnet·24 videos

“This third demonstration of the upcoming Galilean Moons module shows Galilean Moons connected to a Jupiter Storm cosmic noise oscillator, acting as an expansion module.

Percussive/drum sounds are created in this video, but of course plenty of different sound effects can be synthesized with this module combination!

Keep an eye on this

Parsec Additive Synthesis – Micro Tutorial

Published on Nov 15, 2013 PropellerheadSW·322 videos

“Parsec is Available in the Propellerhead Shop:

Download the song file from this video here:…

Additive Synthesis is an entirely different type of synthesizer technology than most of us use in our music. Historically speaking, that’s because Additive

Doepfer A144 Morph Controller Basics

Published on Oct 31, 2013 Raul’s World of Synths·237 videos

“A short look at the Doepfer A144 Morph Controller. Includes a discussion of some of the basic features and functions of the the A144. This module is intended as an expander unit for the Doepfer A135 Voltage Controlled Mixer.Sound and video by Raul Pena.”