MFOS 16-Step Sequencer Clock Low Voltage Fix

Published on Sep 15, 2018

“We received a question about the Clock In on a Music From Outer Space 16-Step Sequencer and why it would sometimes not trigger correctly. In this video we show how a Q125 Signal Processor can be used to remedy the situation.

Check out the modules used in this video at and at”

5U modular drum patch

Published on Sep 11, 2018 alternatingbitmusic

“Not a tutorial but just a “oh, cool – check it out” video.”

ARP 2600 configuration of a Synthesizers DotCom portable 22

Published on Sep 9, 2018 O.Z. Hall

“This is a follow-up video from my December 2015 video ‘ARP 2600 configuration of a Synthesizers DotCom portable 22 cabinet ‘.

I have added a number of new custom modules which greatly expand the preset capability of the system. Part 1 describes the different modules in the system. Part 2 demos some preset sounds.”

New short Jam with RP20 Ribbon controller from

Published on Sep 7, 2018 therudyrude

“Jam with RP20 Ribbon controller from X37 keyboard transposes the sequence from Moon Modular 569. Gate switch from ribbon triggers FSfx version of Rings
For reverbs and delay I use FSFx Clouds, MN Ecophon,Tiptop Zdsp with Halls of Valhalla
Prophet X on bass Drums” Sequencer Special


“This special is your ticket to the world of analog modular sequencing, and you’ll save a bundle too!

The special includes a Q960 Sequential Controller, a Q962 Sequential Switch, a Q171 Quantizer Bank, three 12″ patch cables and three 24” patch cables.

You’ll need 10 free cabinet spaces and 3 unused power cables for installation.

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All Moog Unit with Analog Rytm Jam

Published on Aug 23, 2018 therudyrude

Moog/5U format with, Moon Modular, STG, in BOX 11 enclosures.

Moog Grandmother synth & Guitar jam w/tutorial

Published on Aug 23, 2018 Levi Held

“This little piece came from exploring what i can do with patching the Moog Grandmother to my Dotcom Modular Synthesizer.
I added some nice ambient guitar parts to complete the tune!
There are also captions explaining how I got my results with the Moog Grandmother and modular!
‘Merged Minds'”

Custom 5U Analog Modular Synthesizer

via this auction


Q101 Power Control Module
Q102 Power Interface Module
Q105 Slew Limiter
Q106 Oscillator
Q106 Oscillator
Q106 Oscillator
Q107 State Variable Filter
Q108 Amplifier
Q108 Amplifier
Q109 Envelope Generator
Q109 Envelope Generator
Q110 Noise Source
Q114 4-Channel Mixer
Q116 Ring Modulator
Q117 Sample and Hold
Q124 Multiples
Q128 Switch
Q150 Transistor Ladder

Switched-On Krieger – Menuet

Published on Aug 20, 2018 SynthMania

“Switched-On” style with modular
Menuet – by Johann Krieger (1651-1735)

Switched-On SynthMania