Kosmische Musik with Q960, Hammond, and Moog 9/19/2020


“This is just one way (of many) to emulate the wonderful 1970s “Kosmische Musik” from Germany

Synth Bass sequences: Synthesizers.com Studio-88

Organ: Hammond XK-3c System

Syn Lead: Moog The Rogue

FX: Roland RE-201 “Space Echo”; Strymon BigSky

00:00 Introduction
00:27 Q960 sequencer
03:35 Gating the Shift from the keyboard
04:05 Skipping sequence steps
05:00 Using the third row

Martin Peters – ‘Reflection’ (Live Performance)

The live performance features a combination of vintage and modern synths, including a large-format Synthesizers.com modular synthesizer, Oberheim SEM, Korg Odyssey, Moog Polymoog and more.… Read More Martin Peters – ‘Reflection’ (Live Performance)

Down to the Sky


“Moog Subharmonicon, Meris Hedra, Strymon Blue Sky, Tip Top Z-DSP with Valhalla Shimmer and the large format modular 5U. All levels were automated by the Q119 and two Q960 step sequencers from synthesizers.com. An additional pair of oscillators (Dove Audio WTF and Mutable Instruments Braids) are following the timing of Seq1 and Seq2 clocks of the Subharmonicon and indexing the STG


Martin Peters

“This music is somewhat inspired by the beautiful music accompanying the slide show of the Node Live Blu-Ray. You hear the Sequentix Cirklon sequencing 2 voices of the Synthesizers.com Modular, the Oberheim SEM and the Mutable Instruments Stages which is configured as a Harmonic Oscillator. The NDLR is sequencing the Korg Odyssey and the DSI Mopho. The VCF of the Moog Polymoog is

1970s-inspired “pod” in progress


“Organizing some keyboards around in the studio in the classic 1970s style horseshoe.
(sorry for the occasional clicks. The audio interface was acting up tonight)”

Analog Modular Synthesizer – Trumpet Voluntary (Jeremiah Clarke)

Stephen Mendes

“Classical music on synthesizers. Trumpet Voluntary by Jeremiah Clarke (1670 – 1707). Played on 5 MIDI channels and using over 60 patch cables.”


Romance in Garden Pleasance


“A dreamlike piece using the modular synth, guitars and Korg Wavestate. A centerpiece effects line consists of the Meris Hedra pitch shifter, Strymon Blue Sky shimmer reverb and Klark Teknik 3rd Dimension spatial enhancer.”

Hello from Bergamo + Brigitta & Prophet-5


Hello from Bergamo + Brigitta & Prophet-5
Gear used:
Synthesizers.com Studio 88 modular (“Brigitta”)
Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 rev.2

Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP – Synth Voice mode

O.Z. Hall

“This is a demo of the Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP module from Zebra Synth (ZebraSynth.net). The module features an ADSR envelope generator, a VCA on the right half of the module. These functions remain the same with all of the different ‘Modes’. The functionality of the left half of the module changes from mode to mode. The modes are VCO, VCF, Voice, Digital Delay, Reverb, Dual