"TALKS" (SYNTHR3, Zarembourg, Vpiano …)

Published on May 27, 2020 KurtzMindfields

“This is my first composition with the SynthR3, playing as a analog modular sequencer, arpeggiator and monobass synthesizer.
This composition as been made during the lockdown and for the Synthfest France.”

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SynthFest France Videos for May 23, 2020

Published on May 23, 2020 SynthFest France

Zanov | SynthFest 2020
Astrovoyageur | SynthFest 2020
SAW – The crusade | SynthFest 2020
SynthR3 | SynthFest 2020
Dina Pearlman – ARP | SynthFest 2020
Michel Geiss – ARP 2600 | SynthFest 2020
Frédérick Rousseau | SynthFest 2020

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SYNTHR3 goes to Tangerine Dream "CHEROKEE LANE" main thèmes (Demo 3/3)

Published on May 20, 2020 KurtzMindfields

“This is the last musical demo using the new SYNTHR3 (before real productions, lol). What a sound!
As a big fan of Tangerine Dream, in particular “Encore” 1977 album, i use the Synthr3 sequencer in SONG mode (!) to re create a little part of the moving sequences played by Chris Franke.

Up to 6 sequences can be chained!

SYNTHR3 = Chris, left hand:

SYNTHR3 Goes to JBeck/JHammer Star Circle theme Demo 2/3

Published on May 12, 2020 KurtzMindfields

“Second little live demo: the SYNTHR3 is sync clocked to Electribe2 & MoogSub37 for key change. Great bass sequence sound and historical line!

Synthr3: bass sequence line, MoogSub37: Midi keyboard, Retro One: Flanged Moog lead, Electribe2 & Magix Robota: Drums.

Tricky exercice ! lol”

KurtzMindfields SYNTHR3 demos

SYNTHR3 goes to Stranger Things Theme (live session), demo 1/3

Published on May 6, 2020 KurtzMindfields

“Great sequence recreate with Synthr3 (seq line), Electribe2(bassdrum), Moog Sub37 (Long bass), Hansy Mister M (choir Mellotron).

The SYNTHR3 is a new analogic semi-modular great synthesizer, with patch memories (no câbles, but stwitch with leds!) , arrpegiator, sequencer … and 2 filters you can choose from several propositions: ARP 4072, Oberheim SEM

New SYNTHR3 Boutique Modular with Interchangeable Filters by SynthR & oZoe

SynthR3 Demo1 : first sequence test (Berlin School) sync on Electribe

Published on Dec 12, 2019 KurtzMindfields

“Introduce the SYNTHR3 made by Remy Wasselin et Jean-Luc Lartigue.
Prototype N°1
Today discovering the sound and possibilities of this Semi-Modular analog Mono/Paraphonic with 3 VCO + Sub VCO/ 2VCF / 2LFO / 2 VCA / S&H / Noise /Ring Modulator … and Patch memories ! Arpegiator ! Step