TC Electronic to change the game of mastering with new Finalizer App

TC Electronic Finalizer app

Rooted in a long tradition of digital signal processing, as well as audio measuring and metering, TC Electronic now opens a new chapter in bringing professional mastering tools closer to the creators of music everywhere. The central component in the 2019-incarnation of the dual-sided Finalizer concept is a desktop mastering app that compiles a wide […]

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Extended Easel

Published on Jul 7, 2019 Todd Barton

“exploring extensions to my Easel: Makenoise Morphagene, Intellijel Planar 2, TC Electronic Ditto x4 . . .”

June-60 Follow-Up: Internal Trim Pots

Published on May 18, 2019 Bloom Music

“Donald Jordan tears down the June-60 chorus to investigate the effect of the internal trim pots.

For your (and your pedal’s) safety, do not attempt this unless you are comfortable working with electronics!

Intro: 0:00
Disassembly: 0:47
Tweaking the Trimmers: 4:58
Summary: 16:03”

Bloom Music June-60 videos

Effects with Synthesizers: TC Electronic June-60

Published on May 12, 2019 Bloom Music

“Donald Jordan’s review of the TC Electronic June-60.”

LudoWic JAM 21

Published on May 1, 2019 ludoWic music

Live Synth Jam

Used gear: (system 66)
EMS Synthi A
Vermona DRM
Akai MPC2000 XL
Sherman filterbank II
Strymon Blue Sky
TC Electronic Flashback
Kenton Pro Solo MKII

JC De Poort Dongen

Roland Juno 106 Chorus vs TC June 60 Chorus

Published on Mar 24, 2019 Danny Korrson

“I received the june-60 chorus pedal and made a short comparison of it with my juno 106 chorus of which I think it could show the differences/similarities between the two”

tc electronic JUNE-60 Chorus Sound Demo (No Talking) with Polyend / Dreadbox Medusa Synth

Published on Mar 29, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

Super Chill Ambient Music with my Thomann Wishlist Leftovers #TTNM #TSR19

Published on Mar 19, 2019
Music starts at 1:30 The Tuesday Night Machines

“At Thomann Synth Reactor 2019, I went through my Thomann online wish list and got the items that have been on it since forever from the Treppendorf warehouse. Music gear that I never bothered to order only to try it out. So without having time to read any manuals, here’s a super relaxed ambient music jam with the