Shields UP !! (PO 20 Arcade)

Published on Aug 12, 2018 ludotex

“Teenage Engineering PO 20 Arcade pocket operator little song I programmed.
Chord progression is: Em G A A Am Am C/G E/G# (2 6 13 13 9 9 7 8)”

Fatty Acid – Pocket Operator PO-12 Korg Volca Bass DS10 Jam

Published on Aug 12, 2018 ChrisLody

“A nice friendly bit of Fatty Acid for you

Here I’m syncing the Pocket Operator Rhythm to the Korg Volca bass which is syncing to a clock source in the DS in Korg Ds10. Reverb supplied by the Zoom Studio 1201.”

Kraft Music Summer Giveaway

Kraft Music is having a Summer Giveaway!

“Enter for your chance to win three Teenage Engineering PO-30 Series Pocket Operators with CA-X cases – a $384 value!

PO-32 tonic – Drum synthesizer and sequencer with unlimited sounds from microtonic vst (sold separately) through data transfer.
PO-33 K.O! – Micro sampler with 40 second sample memory and built-in recording microphone.
PO-35 speak –

“We’ll fix it in post”

“We’ll fix it in post” from CatManDeux on Vimeo.

“Previously malformed vid of a sequencing exercise on the MiniRig TeaTray. (I think post production took more than 10 times longer than the vid.)
Of note, the 70CDR has just enough processing power to run SpaceHole (Eventide Blackhole emulation) and Shimmer Reverb (Strymon BlueSky emulation) simultaneously. However it can only put them in series,

La Di Da Da – Live performance with Pocket Operators – Speak, Robot and Arcade

Published on Aug 8, 2018 Brian Leahy Art

“Live performance of my song ‘La Di Da Da’ with Pocket Operators!

I sampled my voice for this song with the Pocket Operator Speak and I discovered that using the ‘Stutter Sweep’ effect (#9) on that vocal sample creates this bizarre, awesome speaker-breaking bass swell. (Hear it in action at 1:45 in the video). I’ve never heard this effect sound this way

Digitakt + DFAM + OP-1 live experiment

Published on Aug 6, 2018 Marcus Amaker

get the track here:…

Soma Lyra-8, Buchla Music Easel and Teenage Engineering OP-1

Published on Aug 5, 2018 therudyrude

“Improvisation with the Easel,Op-1 and Lyra-8 with Eventide H9 black Hole”

Forst, West Germany | SE-02, Plumbutter, Minidisc, OP1, Fieldkit FX, Thyme

Published on Aug 5, 2018 HAINBACH

“The last piece in my holiday series – back home today. The Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter is a beautiful filter – running the Roland SE-02 through it gives wide stereo movement and adds even more warmth to this tiny but powerful synthesizer.

Minidisc plays lyrics I sung and cut-up through the lovely delay and frequency shifter on the Field Kit FX, OP1 is the choir


via this auction

Interesting to see how it all sits together like that. As always, be sure to read the description for the listing in full if you are interested.

OP-1 Practicing A New Song (Chorus and Melody) "I won’t Go" Part 2

Published on Aug 5, 2018 Roxton Fone

The Working Title for this one is “I Won’t Go”
This song is very much, still in development.
So, really, you’re witnessing the “Birthing” process. This is Part 2

Part 1 Here:

OP-1 / Hip Hop Beat with a Nice Melody

Published on Jul 28, 2018 Roxton Fone

“One of my most Melodic beat thus far with the
OP1 Synthesizer from Teenage Engineering”