Teenage Engineering OP-1 synth track

Published on Dec 9, 2018 Marcus Padrini

“I read that the OP-1 would be discontinued, then I remembered of this little synth track I recorded a few days ago. The OP-1 is a unique musical instrument, but It has always been very specific and expensive, even more so in Brazil. Anyway, it’s already a classic.”

Join in the Chant – Nitzer Ebb cover on PO-12

Published on Dec 9, 2018 tubesockor

“Drums and bass played and jammed like the 2006 Remaster of Nitzer Ebb’s ”Join in the Chant”. Performed on a Teenage Engineering PO-12. Feel free to chant like Douglas McCarthy on top of it.

(This is a bonus recording I had some plans for back in 2016, but never did anything with it, so could just as well make it public two years later…)”

$4000 Teenage Engineering OP-1 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Because it’s not worth it…

Out of curiosity, anyone know how long until the rechargeable batteries die on these?

OP-Z Solo [Synth Recipe #65]

Published on Dec 8, 2018 hicut cake

Hicut Cake proudly presents:
Recipe #065

OP-Z (week 1)

Published on Dec 7, 2018 Benjamin Kinsman

“Picked up an OP-Z last week, wow what a game changer.
The sequencing on it so powerful and the UI is just amazing. TE have hit it out of the park big time.
Loaded it up with most of my fave samples from the OP-1and it just feels like home, can’t wait to get it cranking with the Digitakt and his slightly larger brother (OP-1).
(FYI The silent button

Teenage Engineering OP-Z – Last Christmas

Published on Dec 6, 2018 Matt Craven

“OP-Z cover of Wham’s Last Christmas”

OP-Z Sequencing iPad Synths – Song Buildup Jam Workflow

Published on Dec 4, 2018 cuckoomusic

“The OP-Z has a really great sequencer. There are many great iPad synths… Connect the two, and you have a hardware sequencer for your iPad synths. And use the OP-Z synths and samples where it makes sense. Enjoy this song buildup jam. Peace.”

Hark! The Arcade Angels Sing (PO-20 Christmas Jam)

Published on Dec 4, 2018 Autotross

“Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!

…and a Happy New Year from the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Arcade.”

Teenage Engineering OP-Z says Hi to Skulpt

Published on Dec 4, 2018 Matt Craven

“Got Zeddy a new pal and they seem to be getting on great so far.

The Modal Electronics Skulpt is a 4 voice Polysynth and although it dwarfs the OP-Z, it’s a great little Synth that looks very capable.

Connected to OP-Z via a USB C OTG and a Roland UM-ONE mkII.

Drums coming from OP-Z, Skulpt doing the pads and chords.”

Teenage Engineering OP-Z – Blue Monday

Published on Nov 30, 2018 Matt Craven

“OP-Z’s take on an absolute classic by New Order”

Spotted on discchord.

And one more:

Teenage Engineering RetrOP-Z

Published on Nov 18, 2018

“OP-Z sounding a little bit Todd Terje today.”