THEPHONOLOOP releases Cassette Keys.02 sample library

THEPHONOLOOPS Cassette Keys 02 art

THEPHONOLOOPS has released Cassette Keys.02, a multi-format sample library featuring sounds inspired by classic FM keys from the ’80s. Cassette Keys.02, a successor of Cassette Keys.01, wasn’t created to replace it, but rather to make things different, bigger, and to make use of the new .02 interface. In fact, both of those instruments complement each […]

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Plugin Boutique’s Top 5 Friday: Best Kontakt instruments

PIB Top 5 Friday Kontakt InstrumentsPlugin Boutique’s Top 5 Friday series covers some interesting Kontakt instruments that you may not yet know about. In this video, producer Tim Cant runs through 5 of the most popular and different Kontakt Instruments money can buy. 5. Cassette Piano.02 by ThePhonoLoop Forget the hard-drive-heavy perfectly sampled legendary grand pianos, what we’re into is […]

Save 50% off THEPHONOLOOP Break Geek DNB & Influential Kit sample packs!

Thephonoloops Drums SaleTHEPHONOLOOP has launched a sale on its Break Geek DNB and Influential Kit drum sample packs, offering a 50% discount for a limited time only. The Influential Kit features a collection of 500 dark, warm and noisy / dirty drum samples aimed at hip-hop producers. It is all original material (whole source material for this […]

THEPHONOLOOP releases Cassette Toy Piano sample library

THEPHONOLOOP Cassette Toy PianoTHEPHONOLOOP has announced the release of Cassette Toy Piano, a new sample library featuring a collection of 5 instruments based on a children toy piano. First of the five included instruments is of course just a raw toy piano recorded on a cassette, but the main aim for this collection was to create additional variations […]

THEPHONOLOOP Summer Sale: 20% off Kontakt instruments & sample packs

THEPHONOLOOP Summer Sale 2018THEPHONOLOOP has announced the launch of its 2018 Summer Sale, offering a 20% discount on all of its Kontakt instrument libraries and sample packs for a limited time. The sale includes Cassette Piano, Mallets and Keys as well as the bundle of all three, the more recent Cassette Vibraphone and Plucks libraries, and the Texture […]

THEPHONOLOOP Mozaik Sale – Save 50% off Kontakt instrument

THEPHONOLOOP Mozaic saleTHEPHONOLOOP has launched a sale on Texture Mozaik.01, offering a 50% discount on the Kontakt instrument library featuring over 120 unique sound sources all inspired by the sounds of the past. The main idea behind Texture Mozaik was to create an instrument inspired by the sound design techniques used by some of the film and […]

THEPHONOLOOP releases Cassette Plucks.01 sample library

THEPHONOLOOP has released Cassette Plucks.01, a mixture of physical modeling, some subtractive synthesis and sampling. It contains two different pluck instruments with an oriental vibe – both designed from the ground up. Because of all the care that was put into making of every layer and the magic touch of old cassette recorders Cassette Plucks.01 […]

THEPHONOLOOP releases Cassette Vibraphone + 20% OFF in Spring Sale

Thephonoloop Cassette Vibraphone featTHEPHONOLOOP has announced Cassette Vibraphone, a multi-format instrument library featuring the sounds of a vibraphone. Cassette Vibraphone is the first instrument in cassette series recorded with real round-robin samples – every note in every dynamic layer was recorded 4 times, on top of that Kontakt version still has the option to turn on the simulated […]

THEPHONOLOOP Holiday Sale – Save 20% off unique sound libraries

THEPHONOLOOP Holiday Sale 2017THEPHONOLOOP has announced a Holiday Sale, offering a 20% discount on all its products for a limited time only. THEPHONOLOOP’s product catalog includes some interesting Kontakt instruments and sample packs. We simply love to tinker with audio, create fresh new sounds with an old school vibe and just have fun experimenting. Our goal here is […]

THEPHONOLOOP updates Texture Mozaik.01 + Demo version released

THEPHONOLOOP Texture Mozaik 1.01THEPHONOLOOP has released version 1.01 of Texture Mozaik.01, a Kontakt instrument library inspired by the sound design techniques used by some of the film and experimental composers from between 50s to 70s. The name of the instrument suggests that it’s mainly focused on the textures – and yes, it’s designed to mix 2 or 3 […]