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Switched-on: The Birth of the Moog Synthesizer

On May 2, 2014, The History Center in Tompkins County, NY, in partnership with the Bob Moog Foundation, will open a new exhibition Switched-On: The Birth of the Moog Synthesizer. The exhibit will explore the life of Dr. Robert Moog and the creation … Continue reading

‘Le miroir des oiseaux’ For Ondes Martenot, Prepared Piano & Theremin

Bernard Fort : “Le miroir des oiseaux” – Ondes Martenot, Theremin, Piano pre?pare? et Bande sonore was uploaded by: Thierry Frenkel
Duration: 643
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Bernard Fort : "Le miroir des oiseaux" – Ondes Martenot, Theremin, Piano préparé et Bande sonore

Published on Mar 30, 2014 Thierry Frenkel·7 videos

“Création / Improvisation basé sur des extraits du CD “Le miroir des oiseaux” de Bernard Fort : “La rousserolle effarvate” et “Le chardonneret élégant”. Elisabeth Desseigne – Ondes Martenot, Marybel Dessagnes – Piano préparé, Thierry Frenkel – Theremin”

Explorer Theremin-Synthesizer (PT-A Test 1)

Published on Mar 15, 2014 Alex Alexandrov·2 videos

Eternal Engine EMI “Explorer”
100% Analogue Optical Theremin-Synthesizer

The Bob Moog Foundation announces significant archive additions

The Bob Moog Foundation (BMF) has announced significant additions to the Asheville, NC-based foundation’s archives. Included in these new additions are several rare prototypes, including one of the few Moog Apollo Synthesizers in the world (the Apollo became the prototype for the Polymoog), the Moog Liberation, Moog Drum Controller, Moog Sequencer, Moog Song Producer, Moog […]

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Jean Michel Jarre, Live In Sochi (Full Concert)

Jean Michel Jarre – Russia/Sochi 20.12.2013 ( Full ?oncert ) was uploaded by: Tamara Bekhruzi
Duration: 4085
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The Doctor Who Theme, On Theremin

Theremin Doctor Who Theme, Lydia Kavina and Radio Science Orchestra, was uploaded by: Lydia Kavina
Duration: 215
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Logos presents: The PsybOrg

Published on Oct 27, 2013

“The PsybOrg is a steampunk ‘pipe organ’ and interdimensional traveling machine, which incorporates analog synthesizers, digital controllers, Theremin, and sound reactive light displays in an elegant walnut housing that blends future and past.

It was designed by Logos and crafted by a team of builders, programmers, mad scientists, and solder

PsybOrg – A Custom Synthesizer Performance Pulpit

The PsybOrg, above, is the custom live performance rig of composer/producer Logos (Jim ‘Andor’ Genaro). Genaro wanted to create a rig that went beyond basic function to create an exciting environment for his performances. The PsybOrg is Inspired by the form and functionality … Continue reading

Play a Great-Sounding Theremin in Your Web Browser: Distraction of the Day


If you want an explanation for why you’d want to build sophisticated audio into the Web, maybe it’s just because you don’t like fun.

Fun is what you get out of this Web Audio Theremin toy, the work of one Luke Phillips of Femur Design.

The web audio theremin is a touch friendly & responsive audio synthesizer built in javascript using the Web Audio API with HTML5 canvas.
As the user interacts with the screen synthesized sounds are generated in the style of a moog theremin and the canvas displays a visual representation of the audio.

“Theremin” is a loose term here. In terms of continuous pitch control and amplitude control, each on a separate axis, it counts. Of course, it lacks the gestural input mechanism that sort of is the whole point of a Theremin. Then again, if you’re good with your mouse/trackpad, you might be able to fake it.

There’s more coming, too. Luke says he’s working on a version that will let you play along with your favorite songs – a sort of browser Theremin karaoke.

Now, of course, there are likely some serious Thereminists out there in our audience, but part of the magic of this is that it appeals to people well outside our music tech fields. I’m watching this spread through all my social feeds. Score — Productivity: 0. Whoopy sounds: 1.

There are actually some nice touches, too, including a pleasant, gritty distortion entitled “Scuzz,” waveform selections, and a nice built-in delay.

Who needs to print business cards? Just make a Web-powered Theremin and make sure there’s a link to your portfolio. Time much better spent.

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