Zero-G Northern Lights Featuring Rare Vintage ARP 2500, E-Mu, and Aries Modules

Zero-G Northern Lights Pad Machine – Trailer
Zero-G Northern Lights Pad Machine – Sound preview by Frodebeats
Zero-G Northern Lights Pad Machine – Walkthrough

Don’t miss the vintage ARP 2500 modules (1047, 1004p, 1023) in the video below. There’s a vintage E-mu UAF module in the system as well. FRODEBEATS also used some Dennis Colin (Aries) modules for Northern Lights.


The Cloney Project EMS VCS3 TTSH (ARP 2600) and the Buchla Easel


“Keysteps are used as arpegiator for the VCS3 and TTSH .

Easel in Eventide H9

2600 in Strymon Big Sky

Cloney VCS3 in Ventris Dual Verb

I had to attenuate the voltage coming from the Keystep going to the VCS3 so that it can kind of track well tempered.”

TTSH Mini Meanie – ARP 2600 clone

via this auction

“The TTSH or Two Thousand Six Hundred Mini Meanie is a Modern version of the Original Arp 2600 at about 73% of the original size making it the “mini meanie”.

In terms of electronics the TTSH is pretty much identical to the early 70s grey faced model 2600P, which includes the built-in speakers (although these speakers are way better than the original speakers). Additionally it

ARP 2600 TTSH ‘s Overview of the modifications

Published on Apr 27, 2020 therudyrude

“Steve Sommers suggested that I should get these modifications on the TTSH he was building for me. They are: A frequency Divider, Sine and Triangle waves for all oscillators, Syncable oscillators, Swithes for time scaling of the envelope generators and a super quiet and relativly hifi spring reverb.”

ARP 2600 TTSH clone .Making a tune wit just that synth

Published on Apr 19, 2020 therudyrude

“I explain how I make all the sound elements from a ARP 2600. This unit was built by a gentleman named Steve Sommers. It has great mods like sync on osc 2 an3, selectable timing on envelope generators and a frequency divider.”

Sequenced Synthesizers

Published on Apr 5, 2020 Hawkinsnikwah

“This started off as a test run for the SH-101 after repairing it.”

Bit of a studio tour…

The Human Comparator TTSH (Arp 2600 Clone) Semi-Modular Synth Rev 2

via this auction

“There is a lot of talk right now about the ARP 2600, and the TTSH is partially to blame for that. Offering a smaller, DIY solution (or pre-built like this one was from companies like Laurentide Synthworks) to a synth based around the sound and functionality of the original legend.

Used in really good condition. Some light scuffs on the outside of the case. The finish on the

Yamaha CX-5 Music Computer (with TTSH synth and a little ELP)

Published on Feb 15, 2020 robotmakers

“Yamaha CX5M is an MSX-system compatible computer that had a built-in eight-voice FM synthesizer module, introduced in 1984 by Yamaha Corporation. It was a cross between a Commodore 64 and a DX9 FM synth. Yamaha produced a range of cartridges including a programmer for Yamaha’s DX range of FM keyboards and a real-time sequencer. There were a couple of high

ARP 2600 Clone – TTSH Improv | Matt Chadra

Published on Feb 3, 2020 ClavAnother

“Just having a little fun with the TTSH. This thing is still one of my favourite synths of all time.

I’m triggering it from the Novation SLmkIII arpeggiator, occasionally turning steps on and off and also sometimes playing in different notes. The on-board sample & hold also introduces variation to the sequence at times.

There is a section of this where

Introducing the TTSH ARP 2600 Exercise Bike

The ultimate in DIY via Kenny:

“It’s my new creation.

At last, I can work on fat sounds while getting in shape with my TTSH 2600 Exercise Bike.

It’s quite robust with only a small to moderate certainty of toppling over.

If you wish to build your own, here is how:

– build a TTSH

– grab an exercise bike and mount flat table on its handles

– place TTSH on top”