CGS Serge Modular Synth + Klangbau Köln Spring Reverb #TTNM

Published on Mar 12, 2019 The Tuesday Night Machines

“Playing my BOCGS Serge Modular Synth through my newly installed Klangbau Köln Spring Reverb. PATCH NOTES BELOW 🙂


PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:…


Audio gear used:
– Best of CGS Ken Stone / Serge 4U Banana Modular Synthesizer (BOG, MARSH & SWAMP Panels)

Roland SH-101 and BOSS DR-110 Jam 1

Published on Mar 10, 2019 synthlegends

“Effects: Korg DW-8000 delay, BOSS CE-2, Strymon Big Sky (SH-101); Gem EQ550 plug in (DR-110)”


Roland SH-101 and BOSS DR-110 jam 2

Novation Circuit crams still more features: 1.8 update

There’s yet another firmware update for Novation’s Circuit, the inexpensive synth/drum groovebox. 1.8 adds new internal expression features like non-quantized recording, plus custom MIDI channels for use with external gear.

Firmware updates are not normally worth making front-page news, but there’s something unique about the unstoppable force of the Circuit.

It’s small. It’s cheap – still around US$350 new, and used for a lot less. It’s simple – the big surprise has been that what first appeared as a basic entry-level instrument has become a sleeper hit packing unexpected powers. And it just keeps adding firmware updates, at this point seeming more like the sort of thing we’d get from hacker users than from the manufacturer.

New in this build:

Record without quantizing. This one’s long overdue – sure, it’s nice that Circuit automatically quantizes for anyone who’s finger drumming skills suck, but it also takes the soul out of the music. Now you can choose.

Per-note velocity. This was another sort of oversight – because Circuit can have more than one note on the same step, but didn’t track the velocity for each note, you had multiple notes that were all stuck with the same velocity. Now each note has its own velocity.

Synth microsteps. Each step has up to six microsteps for still more rhythmic division.

Assignable MIDI channels. Synth 1, Synth 2, and Drums let you choose MIDI channel 1 to 15, useful if your outboard gear doesn’t let you select.

Also a new 1.8 feature (not sure when it was introduced) – CALC has grown a mustache. Erm, 1.8 video:

I think we’re now probably really mostly at the end of the life of Circuit in terms of what the hardware will even run, but it’s still worth noting this longer journey. And actually, just having these additional features might be reason to bring a unit out again, especially with outboard MIDI sequencing.

And there’s a lesson for more long-ter life for gear. MPC die-hards will likely have fond memories of JJ OS, an unofficial alternative firmware for the Akai MPC1000 and MPC2500. Now it’s time for that sort of mindset to apply to official releases.

And why not? Musicians love buying gear. If they got the sense that their hardware would get long-term support rather than being abandoned, they might actually buy more gear. And it’s clear the attention Novation lavished on Circuit has had a halo effect on the whole brand. So manufacturers, take note: musicians invest more in long-term love than they do in planned obsolescence.

So you do hope more manufacturers devote this kind of effort into updates. Novation have been a model for browser-based updates and editing, one you’d hope others follow. And it’d be great where manufacturers don’t devote resources themselves, that they find ways of leaving architectures open for users to modify and extend their gear – whether large manufacturers or small shops.

If it sounds like I may be leading up to discussions of that elsewhere, you bet I am. So other manufacturers working on updates and extensibility, or who would like to talk about those ideas generally, we’d love to hear from you.

More on Circuit:

Grab the update:

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Futuresonus Parva 2018 Black

via this auction

Update: link fixed.

KORG Gadget 2 – Let’s Look at the NEW Gadgets – Videos by The Sound Test Room

KORG Gadget 2 – Let’s Look at the NEW Memphis Gadget (iMS-20) – iPad Demo

Published on Mar 2, 2019 The Sound Test Room

KORG Gadget 2 – Let’s Look at the NEW Pompei Gadget (iPolysix) – iPad Demo

Published on Mar 2, 2019 The Sound Test Room

DSI Poly Evolver Manikin Schrittmacher

Published on Mar 1, 2019 Hitoshi Koizumi

“DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard + Manikin Schrittmacher sequencer”


DSI Poly Evolver Manikin Schrittmacher seq

Published on Mar 1, 2019 Hitoshi Koizumi

“DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard + Manikin Schrittmacher step sequencer,
Strymon Bigsky.”

Behringer CRAVE Sequencer: Ratcheting!

Published on Feb 7, 2019 mootbooxle

“You can easily do ratcheting per step on the Crave’s sequencer! Holding SHIFT and turning the glide knob allows you to select 2, 3, or 4 “ratchet” steps per actual step of the sequence. The effect I’m using on the Crave is a Strymon El Capistan tape echo emulation. Shot on iPhone X with Roland Go:Mixer Pro!”


Behringer CRAVE Sequencer: Building

SCI Prophet VS – Dark Sounds 1

Published on Feb 4, 2019 waterdropmusic

“This video is a new series of mainly dark sounds made with the Sequential Circuits SCI Prophet VS. I hope you enjoy this video and stay tuned for the next Prophet VS video as well as the Prophet VS album coming up soon.”

Synthi Sax Trio

Published on Jan 27, 2019 d4nnyp

“Made this patch while exploring my modified Synthi. The patch sounds like a trio with bass, drums (cool 8 bit sound) and a sax! Its a pretty simple patch but made me laugh so I recorded it. I think all it needs is Vic and Bob doing some pub singing over it. Top of the pops our kid!

I put a stereo widener on it (BX Stereomaker) just to make it sound a bit nicer

Blue Roland SH-101 – Analog 80´s Synthesizer SN 310560 w/ Original Gig Bag

via this auction, also on Reverb.

Update: someone reported this may be a scam as they spotted the pics on a Japanese auction site. As always, follow eBay or Reverb rules. You are only protected if you do.  If you take the sale off of eBay or Reverb to cut a deal you will not be protected.