Behringer VC340 No-Ensemble Strings thru Nyle Steiner String Filter – Mark Steiner

Published on Aug 18, 2019 Mark Steiner

“Pure VC340 Saw sound (mod bypasses Ensemble BBD’s) through a Nyle Steiner String Filter and then through Valhalla Shimmer. Incredible power here with the ‘full’ polyphony (all 5 octaves of notes can sound at one time if enough fingers are available) of the VC340.

At one point, the Shimmer is dropped and the sound goes through Valhalla Delay (another

Patient (Microfreak + Minilogue)

Published on Aug 13, 2019 SineRider

“Ambient sequence for Arturia Microfreak accompanied by Korg Minilogue.

FX: Valhalla Delay + Valhalla Vintage Verb”

ValhallaVintageVerb In 30 Seconds

Published on Jul 17, 2019 ValhallaDSP

With a Novation Bass Station II.

ValhallaÜberMod In Action

Published on Jul 16, 2019 ValhallaDSP

“Don Gunn takes ValhallaÜberMod through its paces!”

Featuring the Novation Bass Station II.

Soma Lyra-8 & Quasimidi Polymorph

Published on May 27, 2019 Ran Kirlian

“Jamming with Soma Lyra 8 and Quasimidi Polymorph with the help of Valhalla Shimmer”

Novation Circuit Ambient #12: Spring (RMB cover)

Published on May 4, 2019 Flak Cannon

“I made an ambient cover of one of my favourite songs of all time (OF ALL TIME!), ‘Spring’ by RMB.

Completely made with the Novation Circuit. The audio has been processed with the Valhalla Shimmer and Valhalla Delay plugins.”

Valhalla Delay and Moog One…Ambient Delay Excursion Into Euphoria [no talking, sounds only]

Published on Apr 30, 2019 Synthient Sound

“Enjoy some beautiful sounds of the Moog One immersed in Valhalla Delay!

Moog One 16v
Focusrite Clarrett 2Pre
Macbook Pro running Logic Pro X
ValhallaDSP Delay Plugin

This video has been Wookie approved. ;)”

Novation Circuit Ambient #11: Sääkokemus (The Weather Experience) [The Prodigy cover]

Published on Apr 23, 2019 Flak Cannon

“This is my ambient cover of Weather Experience by The Prodigy. The original song uses a sample of a weather forecast which I wanted to have in my version too. I took it a bit further and used a Finnish forecast. Otherwise all sounds are from Novation Circuit, processed with Valhalla Shimmer.”

Novation Circuit Ambient Series by Flak Cannon

Published on Apr 17, 2019 Flak Cannon

Additional sound processing done with Valhalla Shimmer.

Testing NEW ValhallaDelay with synth in VCV Rack (NO TALKING)

Published on Apr 17, 2019 VCV Rack Ideas

“This is amazing delay and I think that’s all I should say. There are so many characters, saturation, diffusion (reverb), pitch shifter, frequency shifter, reversed pitched delay, BBD, tape…oh, really . But they are all sound great!
Just look how it processed Mutable Plaits with minimalistic sequence from bidoo dTroy.”