Verbos Electronics 9 module system

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“Verbos System which includes:
Harmonic Oscillator
Random Sampling
Complex Oscillator
Dual Four Pole
Voltage Multistage
Amplitude & Tone Controller
Scan & Pan
Verbos case and Verbos power supply
15 long verbos cables
15 short verbos cables
Boxes, stickers, and information cards

1 owner very minimal use, clean system. All knobs buttery smooth and tight,

modular shades #22 | travel along the green wall | minimal modular eurorack synthesizer music

Published on Mar 13, 2019 Elinch

„thank you for over 2000 followers. i’m overjoyed. here’s a new piece. based on 4 sampled sequences from verbos harmonic oscillator – sequenced by fugue machine. these are sometimes passed through with a slow lfo, or played in different speeds and playback directions. as always, please bring some time to listen.“

modular shades #22 | verbos harmonic oscillator

Boodaman – Sputnik Exercice 2

Published on Mar 7, 2019 Boodaman

“Exercice around Sputnik Modular stuff and West coast inspirations…

100% Eurorack based performance recorded @Boodaman studio Geneva.

Reverb: No reverb”

Verbos Electronics Eurorack Modular Synthesizer System

via this auction

Harmonic Oscillator
Dual Complex Oscillator
Dual Four Pole
Tone and Amplitude
Multi Delay Processor
Multi Envelope
Scan and Pan
3x Multiples

Mark Verbos – Verbox Electronics | NAMM 2019

Published on Jan 27, 2019 Under the Big Tree

“We get to talk to Mark Verbos at NAMM 2019 about his stellar product line of high quality, west coast-inspired Eurorack modules. Mark shows us his two new products for NAMM 2019, a capacitive touch sensor input and a control voltage processor, as well as looking at his other wonderful modules.”

John Chowning, Mark Verbos, and Dave Smith at NAMM

Thought this was a great shot.

via @SequentialLLC:

“Synth Legends! Thanks to John Chowning and Mark Verbos for visiting the @sequentialLLC room! #prophetx #prophetxl #namm2019”

John Chowning is the man who invented/discovered FM synthesis in 1967 at Stanford University.

via Wikipedia:

“Chowning is known for having discovered the FM synthesis algorithm in 1967 (Johnstone 1994; Schottstaedt

A Visit to Noisebug – Synth Store | Interview

Published on Jan 4, 2019 Under the Big Tree

“I had a day left for my Christmas vacation before having to go back to work, and decided to spend it visiting a store that I had wanted to see for a long time: Noisebug in Pomona, California. Blake, the general manager and I chatted for a long time about all manner of esoteric synths and recording equipment, and then he was kind enough to give us a

Verbos Electronics Eurorack Modular Synthesizer + Dark Modular Case + Extras

via this auction

“Up for grabs is a barely used Verbos Electronics system + Dark Modular case W/ Make Noise Power.

Modules Include:
-Verbos Electronics Scan & Pan Stereo Mixer and Scanner
-Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator
-Verbos Electronics Multiple
-Verbos Electronics Random Sampling
-Verbos Electronics Harmonic Oscillator
-Verbos Electronics Amplitude & Tone Controller

Just a Minute – Verbos Harmonic Oscillator

Published on Dec 23, 2018 Stefan Tretau

“For those eager ones of you, jump to 2:30 for instant beauty ;-)”

The Verbos Complex Oscillator – In Depth | Tutorial

Published on Nov 13, 2018 Under the Big Tree

“The Complex Oscillator from Verbos Electronics is a masterpiece of high quality analog design. It follows the west coast tradition of synthesis, by starting with a simple waveform and then adding color through FM, AM, and wave shaping.

In this in-depth tutorial, we delve deeply into the oscillator, exploring each knob and jack separately and with