Vermona launches uniCYCLE and quadroPOL Eurorack modules

Vermona uniCYCLE and quadroPOLVermona has announced the release of the new uniCYCLE classic oscillator and quadroPOL voltage controlled polarizer, extending its current Eurorack product range. It seems that we are putting the cart before the horse. With our twinVCAmp and twinVCFilter we first made the components for dynamics and sound shaping. With uniCYCLE we now bring the fundamental […]

MuRF Animation

Resonant Anvil
Published on Aug 13, 2017

Moogerfooger MF-15 MuRF Animation Pattern A 2
Vermona PERfourMER drives the MuRF
Drone – MOS-LAB Model 15
Keyboard – Moog Sub 37


Published on Aug 12, 2017

“I got a garage sale price for this synth, but it was LITERALLY in a garage for several years, rusted , water damaged etc. Here are my results so far with this synthesizer the past few months.”

Vermona PERfourMER Mk II: 62-Step Sequence.

Resonant Anvil
Published on Aug 6, 2017

“All channels set to EG. Changes to Playmode (M2-D1), frequency range, and oscillator synchronization on voice 4. 62 steps include rests.”

Vermona DRM1 MKII Analog Drum Synth Drum Machine

via this auction

“This is the more rare MKII version (not the MKIII). They are similar but the MKII has one row of knobs thats different than the MKIII including a “Distortion “knob for the first 3 “kick” style channels. You can Google to find out the differences. This is the Standard version without audio triggers.”

House #1 / Volca FM, TT-303, Tanzmaus

Published on Jul 29, 2017 pawwakill

“A rudimental house jam.

Also used: Vermona PerFOURmer, Eventide Space, EHX Memory Toy.”

Vermona DRM1 MKIII Analog Drum Synthesizer with Trigger Inputs SN D 15577

via this auction

Vermona DRM1 mkIII (w/ trigger inputs)

via this auction

“Vermona DRM1 mkIII (standard) analog drum synthesizer (w/ CV trigger input mod!). This is a great drum machine w/ 8 independent, analog voices. Sounds like a million bucks, with really diverse/expressive programming options, including velocity sensitivity. Also, built like a TANK. No preset recall or automation capability (besides velocity), however.”

Eurorack demo: Klavis Twin Waves & Vermona twinVCFilter

Published on Jul 12, 2017 Nick Herman

“A compilation of short demos showing off some of the characteristics of the Klavis Twin Waves (actually just oscillator 1 and it’s sub oscillator!) through various parameters and modulation of the new Vermona twinVCFilter, which is one of the most glorious and flexible filters I’ve come across. With all the cv inputs, you start to approach ADDAC filterbank

Day 12, July 2017

Published on Jul 12, 2017 Steven Blum

DSI Prophet 12
Vermona Perfourmer – Empress Reverb
Make Noise 0-Coast – MXR Carbon Copy
Squarp Pyramid doing some live midi looping