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“This is one of the best sounding analog drum machines at any price but it is an incredible deal at this price. It is actually eight analog percussion synths each with nine knobs for incredibly versatile sound shaping. Each synth also includes its own dedicated out for routing through effects easily. The hi hats includes both open and closed sounds so actually ten unique analog

Vermona DRM1 MKIII HiHat Feat Mu-Tron Bi-Phase and More

Sound Provider

“Nothing very spectacular here ,but I didn t see so much video with Drum Machine and the MuTron Biphase so I decided to shoot the recording of one relatively simple and little dirty HiHat pattern I did for a future Sound Provider Soundbank. On this pattern I use the Ibanez TK999 Tube King Distortion, then the Boss DD8 Delay in Standard mode , On the console I send the signal to

MeloDICER and twinCussion-Vermona/Minimod-AJH Synth/Clock O’Pawn ,Time wizard -Shakmat Modular live

Dziam Bass

“Hello everyone.
for a week I have this meloDICER sequencer from Vermona and I get to know him more and more.
a few days ago I recorded this fast live with it and used Drums twinCussion also from Vermona (Kick and hat) trigger and clock Clock O’Pawn and Time Wizard from Shakmat Modular ( no is in this case but it is used from the second case) and for synth voice modules from AJHSynth

1983 Vermona Sandy

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Cool car and property. Anyone know the model of the green car?

“Vermona Sandy Organ / Keyboard in Excellent Condition. Everything works perfect. No scratching sounds when using the potentiometers. Please look at the Video, it’s an original Video I made with THIS instrument today.

54 keys, excellent Vibrato effect. 230 Volt Version, Guitar and LS Jack to connect with

The Vermona Synthesizer. Part 2 VCOs, VCA, VCF and other features


Part 1 calibration below.

“The Vermona Synthesizer is one of only two synthesizer models developed and officially produced in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). In my video series I want to intruduce this rare synth. Second part dives into the VCOs, comparing the wave forms of the Vermona Synthesizer with a Behringer Model D.

0:24 VCO1 Wave forms demo and comparison
2:30 VCO2

Vermona Drm1MkIII With Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3

Published on Jun 1, 2020 Sound Provider

“I share this video because I was looking for a Hardware and Dawless sequencer with a good workflow for my lovely Vermona Drm1 MkIII Drum Machine since long time and I m pretty happy with the Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3 sequencer, so I wanted to show you my pratice .

Warning,The sound is pretty raw because the analog DrumMachine is in solo here but it’s

Touched by Sound Syncussion DRM1 (Same as Vermona DRM1)

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“This unit is virtually identical to the Vermona DRM1 MKII except it does not CV trigger ins, just MIDI in.

Recently tested from front panel, works and sounds great. MIDI also works but may require some configuration for ‘learn’ function to assign notes of your choice.

Cosmetically it’s in very good shape, has some rack rash and about 5-6 tiny barely visible scratches on

Vermona ET 6-1 Rare 70s Analog Combo Electric Organ

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“Made in East Germany in the early 70s! A lovely organ with some classic sounds that you may be looking for. Its transistor organ, halfway between the continental Vox and the Farfisa Compact. A look “Eastern Europe” dressed in faux wood plastic, a very typical rock garage sound and a beautiful integrated reverb. A small feature that I really like the “repeat” function that

Vermona TwinCussion- crazy dual percussion module eurorack

Published on May 13, 2020 Dziam Bass

“Is a small demo drum module of TwinCussion from Vermona.
on it you can get a lot of fun and sharp and classic sounds. from soft kick to very strong Hard kick and hats and many other strange sounds.

twinCussion is a dual channel drum-synthesizer module. Its components are explicitly designed to create percussive sounds while its flexible interconnections