Audio Damage releases Replicant 2 and Phosphor 2 incl. VST3 & AAX

Audio Damage Replicant 2 & Phosphor 2Audio Damage has released version 2 of Replicant, adding a Stutter effect to the buffer effect plugin for Windows and Mac. One

Seismic free modular synthesizer instrument for Mac released

Syntonica SeismicKevin J. Donaldson of Syntonica’s World has launched Seismic, a free modular synthesizer instrument. Welcome to the world of Seismic where everything

Kick Tweak preset preview video at Plugin Boutique

Singomakers Kick Tweak preset previewPlugin Boutique has launched a video in which producer Joshua Casper takes a look at Kick Tweak, the kick drum enhancer plugin

Audified Live Guitar & Bass Bundle 60% off for limited time

PIB Audified Live Production BundlePlugin Boutique has launched a sale on the Audified Live Guitar & Bass Bundle, a special set of applications and plugins that

HoRNet Tape analog tape simulation machine released

HoRNet TapeHoRNet Plugins has released HoRNet Tape, a tape effect plugin that simulates the effect that magnetic tape applies to the signal recorded

Audio Blast releases AcidBox bassline synth plugin

Audioblast AcidBoxAudio Blast has launched AcidBox, a bassline synth instrument featuring a 303-like sequencer with custom functions and integrated effects. The AcidBox is

Syntronik synth and string machine instrument now shipping

IK Multimedia SyntronikIK Multimedia has announced it is now shipping Syntronik, a virtual instrument that offers a collection of vintage synthesizers. It offers a

Show & Reveal on Virtual Guitarist Silk, Deconstructed Piano for Kontakt & Jussi Vocal Synth

PIB Silk Show & RevealPlugin Boutique has launched a Show and Reveal on the Silk virtual guitar for Kontakt. Producer Joshua Casper demonstrates this smooth and

New Sonic Arts updates Freestyle VST host to v1.19

New Sonic Arts FreestyleNew Sonic Arts has released an update to its Freestyle VST host software for Windows and Mac. Split, layer and combine your

BeatSkillz Reelight tape saturation effect plugin released

BeatSkillz ReelightBeatSkillz has announced the release of Reelight, an effect plugin that emulates tape saturation/compression. It offers many features for getting an authentic