Published on May 25, 2020 Laurent Baloran

“Premiers pas avec la guèpe JASPER, clone du Wasp, en version noknob 😀 😀
Elle déménage bien. Quel drôle d’instrument ! Peu de commandes, mais l’ensemble est plaisant. Et le son, aussi gros que Lo est vraiment intéressant.
J’aime le filtre que vous allez un peu entendre 😉
Le tout passe juste dans le Hall de la BigSky….”

Ruby2 riffs

Published on Mar 11, 2020 Vykaar Tones

“Another jam in the style of my favourite electronic group. GRP R24 sequences Arturia Minibrute 2S. Jasper Wasp clone, Mellotron Micro, Korg Microsampler, Waldorf Sreichfett, Korg Triton Extreme, CR8000 drums, Mutant bass and snare.”

Jasper Wasp Diy Build (EDP Wasp Clone)

Published on Jan 16, 2020 Uros Stojnic

“Easy and straightforward build.
All music and sounds in the video created by Jasper only. No heavy processing except pad sound (no mixdown nor master).”

Is Behringer’s WASP Deluxe a Clone of a Clone?

Thought this was interesting. Take a look at the front panels.

The top is the original EDP WASP Deluxe.

The middle is the Jasper clone.

The bottom is the Behringer WASP Deluxe.

Note the knob layout for each.

Clone of a clone? Depends on the internals. Reminds me of the original Technology Transplant (Cyclone Analogic) TB-303 and x0xb0x clones – see this post. This is also worth a read.

Wood Cased Jasper EDP Wasp Synthesizer

via this auction

“This powerful analog synthesizer is a recreation of Electronic Dream Plant’s 1978 cult favorite, the EDP Wasp. Nothing quite compares to the analog tones produced by this monstrous machine. From leg-quivering rumbles in the industrial realm to the pulsing LFO’s of techno, this thing can take you to the ambient landscapes of tomorrow or even the lead solos you crave on your

Half Blood Thunder Moon Caravanserai

Published on Jul 15, 2019 Vykaar Tones

“Improvised sequences with an eastern feel composed after watching this unusual looking full moon out of my window. First synth heard are the kassutronic modules sequenced by a darktime sequencer with glide added by the frequency central trans europa module. Next is the Jasper synth going through the tau pipe phaser and being sequenced by the per|former

The return of the potato synth cam

Published on Apr 28, 2019 vinyljunkie07

“The return of the potato cam and a cameo appearance with Sam Nolan 😀

If you wanted polished paid for biased content, go watch TV”

Studio tour with Jasper, Behringer D, Jen SX1000, Korg Minikorg 2, Yamaha DX-100, KORG MS20, Roland Alpha Juno, & Ensoniq EPS.