Waldorf Q Phoenix Keyboard w/ Travel Synth Bag

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Not this is not the plus edition with analog filters. This is version with digital filters only in the phoenix color scheme.

Waldorf Quantum Demo (Uncut Version)

Published on Apr 22, 2019 Pure Ambient Drone

“Waldorf Quantum Demo Uncut Version! In this video I am going through some presets on the Waldorf Quantum.”

Waldorf Pulse Plus 1997 SN 96510749

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“Very powerfull 3 oscillators mono-synth with built-in midi to CV converter”

Pics of the Inside of a Waldorf Quantum

These were spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child, shared by d33psp33d on Gearslutz who had the following to say:

“ok wow, after buying 3 sets of torx wrenches, over 90 pieces I can confirm that the Quantum uses T10 Torx for the small screws and T30 for the big ones that support the underbar. You should be able to goto harware store and get exact sizes rather than piece it out on kits on

Colors of night

Published on Apr 17, 2019 ELECTROLAB Music

ELECTROLAB Music is Sebastian of Mos-Lab. Some big hitters in this one including a Waldorf Wave, Synton Syrinx, PPG 1020, and 360A Wave Computer, RSF Kobol, EMS VC3S and of course a 5U Mos-Lab based modular system.

This one is in via Soviet Space Child.

Thomann’s Synth Reactor vlog#15 – Waldorf #TSR19

Published on Apr 14, 2019 SynthMania

“Winfried and Rolf of Waldorf show to us their Kyra and Quantum synthesizers at the Thomann’s Synth Reactor in March 2019
00:17 Kyra
15:34 Quantum
#Thomann #Waldorf #synthesizer”

Waldorf Microwave 1 – super clean – full set of manuals – v2.0 firmware

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– v 2.0 firmware
– complete set of manuals
 - 2 copies of Programming Manual
 - performance manual
 - Service Manual (!)
 - Soundset 2 sheets
– super clean.
– works 100%

Waldorf Q+ Ruby Red Analog Filter 100 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer SN P241050000061

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“PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent – Very clean throughout with only light signs of use upon close inspection. This synth was very well taken care of and will be the perfect match for those who like their gear near immaculate!

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent – All parameters and audio I/O are functioning perfectly and it sounds stellar. All 58 encoders were upgraded on 03.19