Wersi EX20 additive synthesizer

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“Here’s a rare and hard to find Wersi EX20 additive synthesizer. This is the rack mount version of Wersi’s MK1 synthesizer. It’s in excellent condition and is fully tested and works perfectly. Comes with the wooden outer case that can be removed for rack mounting…”

Wersi M.A.X.1 Max German Sound Drum Synth Module w/ Original Box

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You can find a couple of demos in previous posts here.

Wersi Wersimatic WM24 + WM24b keyboard super rare 1978 Wood

WERSI – Wersimatic II …(1974) Published on Aug 8, 2011 premiumexpert

“… nothing but a short soundcheck. There’s much more in it. Sorry, chords are not proper pressed.
The components of the free-standing version are called WM24 (rhythm) and WM24b (accompaniment).”

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– super rare combo
– addition mod. for external start/stop pedal
– crazy sound, please check demo video

Wersi AP-6 Bass Synth

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“Rare German bass synth in excellent cosmetic condition and superb working order…

The bass guitar voice sounds brilliant – just the right amount of bite – as near as a 70s analogue synth might get to a Fender Bass through an Ampeg B15N?

The Wersi AP-6 Baß (Bass) Synth is a fine little monophonic analogue synthesizer; testament to German design and attention to detail, it’s

Wersi MIDI Expander EX 10R With Original Stand 1985 *RARE*

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“Rare German MIDI expander from 1985. It contains the same internals as the Wersi Omega DX 10. The included cartridge is the “Rom 1 DX 10 V2.” In perfect working condition, includes the original wooden stand.”

Wersi Wersimatic CX2 1985

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“For sale is the extremely rare Wersi Wersimatic CX2. The CX2 is a combination of a digital drumcomputer and preset synthesizer/organ. The drumcomputer section consists of 54 preset rhytms, but it is also possible to compose your own rhytms by using its composer (static/real time composing) and the 14 different drum sounds available. It also has accent.

The accompaniment


Published on Feb 16, 2019 VolcaRock

“BERLIN SCHOOL Live Retro Synth 70ies Jam with Behringer, Korg/ARP, Moog, Roland, Oberheim, GRP, Wersi, Arturia. I explain which synths are playing, you don`t have to guess 😉 Enjoy HYPNOTIC SEQUENCES , WARM STRINGS & MELODIC LEADS.

LEAD: Behringer Model D, Roland Juno 60 with Tubbutec 66 Mod
SEQUENCES: Korg MS 20 mini , Korg ARP Odyssey , Moog Minitaur