Wusik releases EVE 5 virtual synth instrument (VST/AU)

Wusik EVE 5

Wusik has announced the release of EVE 5, an update to the “Electronic Vintage Ensemble” synthesizer instrument. Wusik EVE has been a great plugin for quick sound creation, with a simpler interface, when compared to Wusik Station and Wusik 8008. But sadly it has been forgotten in time and never got a proper update for […]

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Wusik releases Wusik One lightweight sampler plugin (VST/AU)

Wusik OneWusik has announced the release of Wusik One, a lightweight plugin designed for heavy sample loading. Wusik One is based on the same engine as Wusik 8008 and Wusik Station V9. The idea behind it is to have a smaller plugin that loads up SFZ, WAV, WusikSND and other formats for direct sample playback. No […]

Wusik releases P2000 MIDI/notes processor and plugin chainer

Wusik P2000Wusik has announced the release of the Wusik P2000, a plugin that allows you to process MIDI and chain plugins with 32- and 64-bit Windows and OSX support. P2000 allows you to bridge 32-bits plugins into 64-bits hosts in Windows, or use the standalone application for live projects in both Windows and Mac. The plugin […]

Wusik P2000 New Skin and New Features

Published on Aug 17, 2018 William Kalfelz

“Wusik P2000 Released

The Ultimate MIDI/Notes Processor and Plugin Chainer. Windows and OSX support (32/64 bits).

Official Product Page

What can you do with Wusik P2000?

– Bridge 32 bits plugins into 64 bits hosts (Windows)
– Use the Stand Alone Application for Live Projects (Win/OSX)
– Create

Hollow by William Kalfelz

“Check the complete album at:

All instruments by www.Wusik.com”

It’s always interesting to hear what makers are doing with their products.

Wusik releases SQ 200 sequencer & VST/AU plugin host

Wusik SQ 200Wusik has launched the previously announced SQ 200, a sequencer that can host VST/AU instrument and effect plugins. Wusik SQ200 is a complete Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that allows you to record sequences of notes and automations using MIDI and hosting VST/AU plugins. You can create complete projects or just use it to chain other […]

Wusik SQ200 Sequencer with VST/AU Hosting

Published on Jul 2, 2018 William Kalfelz

Wusik SQ200 – Video #01 – Introduction
Wusik SQ200 – Video #02 – Initial Setup

Follow-up to this post. Additional details via Wusik:

“Welcome to Wusik SQ 200, a ‘hardware’ sequencer like no other. Featuring VST/AU hosting for instruments and effects.

What is Wusik SQ200?

“Wusik SQ200 is a complete Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that

Wusik SQ200 – A New Sequencer & Plugin Host

Wusik has introduced Wusik SQ200, a virtual “hardware” sequencer that features VST/AU hosting for instrument and effects plugins.… Read More Wusik SQ200 – A New Sequencer & Plugin Host

Wusik releases Wusik Station V9 synth plugin for Windows & Mac

Wusikstation 9Wusik has released Wusik Station V9, a new version of the hybrid vector and wavesequencer sampler/synth workstation instrument for Windows and Mac. Wusik Station V9 is Finally Out! Thanks to the help of users I created a new single-file installer with better compression on all sound files. It also includes all new sounds in a […]