Wusik releases Wusik Station V9 synth plugin for Windows & Mac

Wusikstation 9Wusik has released Wusik Station V9, a new version of the hybrid vector and wavesequencer sampler/synth workstation instrument for Windows and Mac. Wusik Station V9 is Finally Out! Thanks to the help of users I created a new single-file installer with better compression on all sound files. It also includes all new sounds in a […]

Wusik updates Wusik 4000 to v1.0.2 (incl VST3)

Wusik has released version 1.0.2 of Wusik 4000, which ads VST3 support on both Windows and Mac OS X. Wusik 4000 is a new project by Wusik and WilliamK, done from the ground using modern code and totally cross-platform: Windows and MAC, VST/AU 32 and 64 bits. But how Wusik 4000 works? Is that just […]

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Wusik releases Wusik 4000 modular synth/sampler plugin

Wusik has announced the release of Wusik 4000, a virtual modular synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. Wusik 4000 is a new cross-platform modular synth/sampler plug-in. It has a fixed path of audio, but with a modular wire system for modulations. Wusik 4000 modules are open-source and it comes with its own SDK. Plus, Wusik […]

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SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot Single-X for OS X & updates SampleRobot products to v4.51

SKYLIFE has announced the release of SampleRobot Single-X for Mac OS X. With SampleRobot Single-X musicians and sound designers can create professional sample sets and transfer their instruments easily to the digital domain. One can also turn virtual instruments into multi-samples for hardware sample players and workstations. SampleRobot Single-X offers a lot of sophisticated sampling […]

Wusik releases The Hyper Collection for Wusik Station

Wusik has released The Hyper Collection, a soundset for the Wusik Station rompler synthesizer instrument for Windows. In this set we try to come with totally different ideas, using Granular Synthesis with regular in-house sounds, plus, field recorded sounds, to come up with new sound textures. Plus, creative preset creation to really push the limits […]

Wusik releases Wusik Station V7

Wusik has announced the official release of Wusik Station V7, a virtual synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows. This time there are no new major features, only some small additions plus the big job of converting the whole code to 64 bit format. (yes, it was a big job, thank you Asseca for helping us out) […]

Wusik Get-Ready-For-2011 Group Buy

Wusik Station

Wusik has announced the Get-Ready-For-2011 Group Buy, a limited time group buy for Wusik Station and more.

Since several users requested for another Group-Buy towards 2011, instead of the previous promo, we decided to start a new GB deal which we hope everybody will enjoy and help promoting.

Wusik Get-Ready-For-2011 Group Buy includes:

  • Wusik Station V6 (Windows Only – includes the new official V6 full installer plus extra sounds)
  • Wusik EVE V3 (Win/Mac compatible VST/AU – includes the Mellotronix and Genesis sound sets plus extras)
  • Wusik Station V7 (PreOrder – Mac and Windows)
  • Wusik Fuse Box (PreOrder – Mac and Windows)

Additional sound banks and tools will be offered when the group buy hits 100/150/200 users. The Group Buy is available until 2 January, 2011. Maximum discount price is at 100 users: $59.95 (full) / $39.95 USD (upgrade).

More information: Wusik