X1L3 space drones synth project1

X1L3 modded Yamaha PSS-120 currently listed for sale here with a X1L3 Modded Roland TR-505. Pics and details previously posted here.

One more video:

X1L3 space drones synth project2

Published on Dec 2, 2019 Scienceforce

X1L3 Modded Yamaha PSS_120 & Roland TR-505

via this auction

Custom Keyboard synthesizer features:
Keyboard drone generator
Digital synth generator
Atari Punk Console
Modulation Generators
Pre delay filter
Echo / Delay
Post delay Filter
Built in speaker and Output control.

Custom Roland Drum Machine:
Damage (like distortion) moudule
Echo / delay
Glitch Matrix

X1L3 – MONOLITH bluetooth receiver

X1L3 – MONOLITH – sunvox and some envelope follower routing

Published on Nov 17, 2019 X1L3

“Monolith – bluetooth receiver with envelope follower. What it is and where to get it below.

A quick demo here as i haven’t got the time for the full twenty minute power electronix session. But i’m sure that’ll turn up some time soon 🙂

Monolith is a simple and quiet bluetooth audio receiver. It allows

X1L3 UNDERWURLDE (Delay, looper and glitch generator) Black eurorack modular module!

via this auction

“Rare module hard to find in the states. Save some money and buy it local rather than in the UK. Awesome experimental module. Delay, looper and glitch generator. Will ship out first thing Monday. In great condition. This one shouldn’t last long – thanks.”

You can find a couple of demos here.

X1L3 – UNDERWURLDE – glitch and delay demo run

Published on Aug 16, 2019 X1L3

“A very 90s era NIN-alike session to serve as a demo. Fitting considering the 90s ‘shadow artefact’ tech the module is based on 🙂

The underwurlde is processing a CB55 from circuitbenders.co.uk (link at the bottom) which has been turned into a module in my rig.

What you’re hearing for most of the video is the CB55 routed clean to one channel and the realtime

X1L3 SHARD Desktop | Korg Volca Drum | Eurorack

Published on Jul 15, 2019 Nostalgic Ruckus

“The fact that this device exists is a beautiful thing. But maybe that’s just my opinion. This is SHARD.. in desktop form. A brilliantly rethought out design from the original eurorack module. Harsh noise to bring back your grandmas hearing and maybe help your dad’s tinnitus from all those Steely Dan concerts. Amazing module for experimental drums with