Blade Runner Blues Lead Demo

“The Blade Runner Blues lead / harmonica patch is one of the most expressive patches Vangelis ever did on the CS-80. Among other things it features sensitive and fine-tuned velocity and aftertouch response, with quite different settings for each of the two synth lines. Since it is not directly derived from the CS-80’s preset buttons (many of his other go-to patches were), and especially because


Published on Oct 18, 2017 peter synthbrothers

“got my new RC505 looping station
it is so fun to loop in sync till 5 tracks
3 tracks made with moog mother32
1 track with DX7
1 track with korg monologue
after looping i also add 2x MOOG MOTHER32 solo’s and ROLAND S50 strings and some DX7 harp

all improvisation”

The Control Centre releases Studio Collection, VINYLiZER & Yamaha Tape Drums

The Control Centre Studio CollectionThe Control Centre has released the Studio Collection, a sample pack featuring a collection of 9 acoustic instruments for Ableton Live. Included are a Kalimba, Hohner Student 32 Melodica, Indian Flute, Wooden Frog, Shaker, Finger Bells, Hand Clapper, Bell Fish, and Carob Bean Pods. The Studio Collection features nine melodic and percussive multi-sampled, velocity layered, […]

Vintage 80s Yamaha DX1 FM Synthesizer SN 1199

via this auction

Some notes from the listing on the sound of the DX1 compared to other Yamaha DX synths:

“There will always be people that say that the DX1 is just two DX7s under one roof but having owned four DX1s in my lifetime, (I’m old) multiple DX5s, and DX7s this does not ring true to me. The DX1 has 5 microprocessors and 13 circuit boards inside it’s heavy gauge steel body. It was


Published on Oct 15, 2017 peter synthbrothers

2x moog mother32
ROLAND S50 (JP8strings)
FX: eventide space & BOSS RE20

Yamaha AN1X Sounds – Part 1

Published on Oct 14, 2017 ProckGnosis

“Skip to 03:20 to jump the preamble synth and beer babble. Just a rather LENGTHY listen to a very decent sounding and very capable virtual analog (VA) synth from Yamaha released in 1997. And yes, these are almost all presets I demo, and the opening music was recorded with just the AN1X and some drums.

You have to ask, if Yamaha made a VA this good 20 years

Yamaha CS-80 Blade Runner 2050

Published on Oct 14, 2017 MrFirechild

“This track is using sounds only from the Yamaha CS-80, an iconic analog synthesizer from the late 70s. Vangelis used it a lot for the soundtrack to the original Blade Runner movie and it appears Hans Zimmer used it as well for the 2049. This track is produced and composed by www.firechild.se using the Yamaha CS-80 as the only soundsource. Additional

Yamaha EX5 VL DEMO

Published on Oct 13, 2017 Alex S.

“Still working on my video on the Yamaha EX5, so here’s a demo on the VL tone generator of that synth. Played on an AKAI EWI.”