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“This is a fantastic synth. It really has a sound. I would compare it to a Prophet 6. It has the FM feature and multiple unison modes.”

The Prophet-6 comparison is interesting. Many say it has a Prophet-5 character about it, so that would of course make sense. I’d say it has that Yamaha CS filter character to it as well. It is an interesting synth. You basically chose from

Dtronics DT7 Programmer for DX Series Synthesizers (DX7, TX816, DX5, TX-802, TX-7) Jellinghaus Clone

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“The programmer is functioning perfectly with no issues. Like the original Jellinghaus controller, when controlling the DX7, you have to press a key after you turn a knob to hear the changes you make. Unlike the Jellinghaus, the programmer supports later DX-Series synths, like the TX-802. With these later DX synths, changes are instantaneous. Programming is really intuitive!”

【エレクトーン演奏】中森明菜「十戒 (1984)」・Akina Nakamori – Jukkai (1984) ・Yamaha Electone D85 ・D800


This time I did Electone D85 cover of Akina Nakamori’s big hit from 1984.

中森明菜「十戒 (1984)」・Akina Nakamori – Jukkai (1984)
作曲:高中 正義 ・ music: Masayoshi Takanaka

作詞:売野 雅勇 ・ lyrics: Masao Urino
#Electone #Jpop #80s”

Yamaha A3000 | The Dirty Effects Exposed

Espen Kraft

Yamaha A3000 on eBay | on Reverb

“The Yamaha A3000 sampler has a very dark, gritty yet beautiful effects section that you can use in real time. You don’t have to sample anything!

On the surface, the Yamaha A3000 sampler from 1997 seems like “just” a sampler. And it is a very good sampler too. It also has a great effects section and the kicker is, you can use this in real time, as

I got a new synthesizer! I got EIGHT new synthesizers! It’s a Yamaha TX816 jam by Charles Whiley

Charles Whiley

-Yamaha TX816
-Moog Little Phatty
-Boss DR-770
-Korg DW-8000
-Jomox Alpha Base
MFB Tanzbar lite
-Synthstrom Deluge

Yamaha YC61 Stage Keyboard – Live at Kraft Music

Kraft Music

“Adam Berzowski plays the Yamaha YC61 Stage Keyboard live at Kraft Music. Find exclusive Yamaha YC61 stage keyboard and organ BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Chillout late night session 20-07 / PEAK, EX5, Digitone

Floyd Steinberg

“Playing some relaxed electronic music, using some of the sounds I created on the PEAK, EX5 and Digitone. Digitone does drums, bass and that saw wave filtered arpeggiated sequence, PEAK does the big pad and EX5 does the lead & piano stuff.”

Yamaha Reface DX w/ Dtronics DT-RDX Controller

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Video in the listing previously posted here.

“The DTronics DT-RDX changes the game for the Reface DX and makes FM synthesis programable/editable via a hardware controller. You can edit each operator individually or multiple operators at once, along with universal/common settings. As amazing as FM synthesis can sound, it’s always been fairly intimidating to program/edit, but

YAMAHA DX7 II FD with E! board FM Synthesizer (1987) RetroSound Soundscapes – Sound Demo

“(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
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YAMAHA DX7 II FD FM Synthesizer (1987) with Grey Matter E! expansion board

The DX7 II is one of my favorite synths for digital sound textures. In combination with warm Juno pads have you the perfect sound for 80s synth music.

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