Zynaptiq Black Friday: 60% off selected effect plugins

Zynaptiq Intensity 1.2

Zynaptiq has launched its Black Friday Sale, with discounts of up to 60% off selected plugins and bundles. Zynaptiq creates technology and applications for processing, analyzing, categorizing and generating audio-visual data. The sale includes: INTENSITY, a new kind of audio processor for mixing, mastering and sound design. Built on techniques typically found in facial recognition […]

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Zynaptiq updates Intensity audio plugin to v1.2.0

Zynaptiq Intensity 1.2Zynaptiq has announced released version 1.2.0 of its Intensity mixing, mastering and sound design effect plugin. Version 1.2 brings some improvements and fixes, including an output monitoring source selector and input gain control. Built on techniques typically found in facial recognition algorithms, INTENSITY brings out a sound’s inherent detail, increases its perceived loudness and density, […]

Zynaptiq releases free World Cup 2018 Horn Suppressor plugin

Zynaptiq World Cup 2018 HornZynaptiq has announced immediate availability of its World Cup 2018 Horn Suppressor plugin Windows and macOS. The multi-channel plugin allows suppressing the droning sound of compressor horns, popular at the Russia 2018 games, in real-time, leaving individual “honks” and other stadium ambience as well as commentary virtually untouched. This is made possible using a technology […]

Zynaptiq Intensity audio effect plugin updated to v1.1

Zynaptiq IntensityZynaptiq has launched an update to its Intensity audio signal processing plugin for Windows and Mac. Version 1.1.0 updates the initial release with new and updated factory presets, and some improvements and fixes. INTENSITY is a new kind of audio processor for mixing, mastering and sound design. Built on techniques typically found in facial recognition […]

Zynaptiq launches INTENSITY mixing, mastering & sound design plugin

Zynaptiq IntensityZynaptiq has launched its latest audio plugin INTENSITY, a new kind of audio processor for mixing, mastering and sound design. The plugin uses an advanced neural network based analysis and proprietary input and output transforms to separate the signal into broad strokes and detail features. By boosting the details while leaving the broad strokes in […]

FREE Subspace lush sounding reverb plugin by Zynaptiq

Zynaptiq SUBSPACE featZynaptiq has announced the release of Subspace, a free audio effect plugin that offers a super-lush sounding reverb in a streamlined interface. It is based on the allpass reverb module found in our acclaimed MORPH 2, WORMHOLE and ADAPTIVERB plugins, and features just two controls: a switch that selects one of four presets, and a […]

Zynaptiq announces Orange Vocoder 4 plugin

Zynpatiq Orange Vocoder 4Zynaptiq has announced that it will soon release Orange Vocoder 4, an updated version of the classic vocoder effect plugin originally created by Prosoniq. As far as plugin vocoders go, the ORANGE VOCODER is considered by many to be THE classic one. Critically acclaimed for its sound quality and sonic versatility throughout its many iterations […]

Zynaptiq launch Thanksgiving Sale with up to 45% OFF

TimeSpace Zynaptiq ThanksgivingTime+Space has announced that the audio wizards at Zynaptiq have launched their Thanksgiving sale with impressive savings on their most recent releases. Shape sound like never before with up to 45% off the award winning Adaptiverb and Wormhole as well as the incredibly great value Design Bundle. ADAPTIVERB – NOW ONLY £135 (over 37% off!) […]

Now a DAW does pitch and time shifts the way you wish it would

If the last generation of production software was about UI, workflow, and add-on extras, the next generation may be about science. Witness MOTU’s DP 9.5.

DP, aka Digital Performer, is that DAW everyone forgets about, but really shouldn’t. Now on both Windows and Mac, and a long-time staple of hard-core niches like the TV scoring business, DP has quietly added all the stuff that makes using a DAW better, without too much extra stuffing, often advancing without any hype past other rivals in key areas.

But even doing that, it’s hard for a DAW to stand out.

So, how about this: how about if a DAW let you manipulate time and pitch in a way that sounded less artificial? Wouldn’t that be a reason to use it?

And while various DAWs have licensed technology for improving time and pitch stretching, most of them still sound, well, pretty crap – especially if you go beyond small changes. (That hasn’t stopped me from using the artifacts creatively, but then the problem is, even those results tend to sound too much alike.)

So, the pairing of Zynaptiq with MOTU gets pretty interesting.

Zynaptiq is one of a handful of developers working on brain-bending DSP science to achieve sonic effects you haven’t heard before. (For some reason, a lot of these players seem to be in Germany … or Cambridge, Massachusetts. The latter is an MIT thing; the former, a German thing? Zynaptiq is out of Hannover.)

In the case of Zynaptiq, “artificial intelligence” and machine learning meet new advances in DSP. Whatever’s going on there (and I hope to cover that more), the results sound really extraordinary. Every time I’ve been at a trade show where the developer was exhibiting, people would grab you by the arms and say, have you heard the crazy stuff they’re doing it sounds like the future. That was aided by a unique demo style.

But there’s a big leap when you can integrate that kind of capability into a DAW and its existing workflow, without all the weird extra steps required to go back and forth to a plug-in.

And that’s what DP 9.5 does – in an update that’s free for all existing users, adding Zynaptiq’s ZTX PRO tech.

You get time stretching everywhere, so speeding up and slowing down by small increments or huge sounds natural. And they’ve done a bunch of work so you can change tempo adjustments and conductor tempo maps – which was always, always one of the best features of DP. (I was at the Aspen Music Festival in the late 90s listening to a film composer show off how easy scoring with DP markers was, fully two decades ago. Two decades later, the competition still hasn’t caught up, and DP has continued to expand on that feature.)

Plus you get pitch shifting and relative pitch editing, as you’ve seen with products like Celemony, but far more deeply integrated in the DAW and with (to my ear) better-sounding results. So yes, that does pitch shifting and pitch correction, but it also opens up some really interesting creative possibilities. This isn’t just about making bad singers sound better; it could be a boon to creative editing. (I just spent the last weekend poking around in Logic’s archaic and dated implementation for the heck of it, not knowing DP 9.5 was coming and… well, just no.)

There are “quality” presets, too, to help you find the right settings.

Have a listen in the demos. Here’s pitch shifting:

And here’s time shifting:

And from the ever-lovely Gotye (really nice chap with a terrifically nice band and some great producers, I have to say, just because I like nice people), some other examples:

Unrelated to all this, 9.5 also has a window that makes it easier to monitor processing load, so you can identify CPU hogs. (Heck, that may mean DP is now part of my standard test suite for plug-ins.) This combines with other unique performance management features in DP, like “pre-gen” capability, which eases the load on your CPU by pre-rendering audio.

Good stuff. More from MOTU:


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MOTU ships Digital Performer 9.5 with ZTX PRO technology

MOTU Digital Performer 9.5MOTU has announced it is now shipping Digital Performer 9.5, a free update for all DP9 owners. Version 9.5 introduces ZTX PRO technology: cutting-edge audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting DSP developed and refined through years of advanced R&D by the renowned engineering team at Zynaptiq. ZTX PRO™ technology from Zynaptiq™ pushes the boundaries of what is […]